And then there was Whatsapp…

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Very few social media apps have had an impact on our lives like the (infamous) Whatsapp has. It started about a decade ago, but in Pakistan it came to be known somewhere around 2014 ~ 2015, with the advent of 3G and LTE, that is. Due to its simplicity, ease of use and absolutely free of charge it was a Godsend that actually replaced and in fact killed MMS. Till then MMS was still in use for sending voice, photo or small video clips. Whatsapp changed that forever. Over the years many iterations and versions followed each promising more features, checks and security updates. And frankly here in Pakistan it has become the de facto medium of communication. It’s use for personal, official and business purposes is phenomenal.

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Pakistan Citizens Portal – A Godsend App

There has been a lot of talk about the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal in the media. They say it is efficient and citizen’s problems are addressed swiftly. Since I work in a public office so I can vouch for it. That is because every week I have to give update to my superior office regarding public complaints if any. Luckily I work in a department where there isn’t much public dealing, but I have seen in various meetings at GoP how public departments are being asked about the complaints if any and there progress on weekly basis.

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SKS Siminov, short review

SKS Siminov is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39. It is basically Russian origin weapon which was produced in huge numbers in mid 1940’s till 1950’s. It was replaced by the famous AK47 somewhere in 1950’s. Later Chinese, East German, Romanian, Yugoslavian, North Korean and Vietnamese versions were produced. These rifles came to Pakistan during the Afghan War in the later 1970’s. Due to their reliability , accuracy and low cost they were a preferred weapon for many gun enthusiasts. Later these were also procured for paramilitary forces in Pakistan. You can still see a few policemen carrying them in Punjab, specially. The SKS is predecessor of the AK47. If you disassenble one, you will notice many similarities between the two of them, except off course that the AK is select fire weapon, whereas the SKS is semi-auto only.

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When shit happens…be calm and take it easy

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The meeting went well, I cut a nice deal, made some money, saved some money, a subordinate promised to take me for lunch on MM Alam road, the weather was beautiful, I felt confident and it looked like the perfect day. I had myself booked for the 4.30 pm bus from Lahore to Pindi, they call it the Royal class! So I was going to be traveling in Royal Class! The lunch was as good as it could be, in between tasty mouth watering morsels of Chinese food there was man talk, followed by fresh pomegranate juice. That left me with around an hour plus to make it to the Daewoo terminal. So I decided to buy a few books from “Readings” at the boulevard. That went well, in fact very well.

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Llama .32 ACP, short review

Hi, I was on the lookout for a Llama chambered in .32 ACP for a long long time. One of cousins had one of these which he gifted! yes you read it right gifted to his friend. In late 70’s Spanish Llama pistols chambered in .32 ACP came to Pakistan in huge numbers. In those days .32 was the ammo of choice here in Pakistan. These semi-auto pistols were available for Rs 300 to 500 then, NIB 🙂 Oh, the good old days! So when a friend called to tell he had found one for me, I told him to get it right away. Here’s a short review of the Llama…

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