CZ 75B Compact (Stainless Steel) Handgun- Short Review


CZ 75B Compact in stainless steel is a very good handgun. It is a small sized pistol with performance characteristics of full framed handguns. The pistol is sheer beauty and a treat to shoot. I have owned a CZ 75 P07 Duty and CZ 75 B at one time or another but the CZ 75B Compact I have found to be much better than both these handguns. It is an excellent choice for conceal carry (CCW).

The Internet, that just won’t work


So we were left stranded at the Jinnah International Airport with nothing to do but kill time. Having had two cups of tea in an hour the next best place to visit was the loo, which I did. The shops laid out in the circular way had me circling them for sometime, looking for something I never needed to buy. And that’s when my eye caught the Free Internet Kiosks!

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PIA’s Declining Standards


When we were young PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) was the only airline operating in the country. I distinctly remember traveling with PIA used to be so much fun. There was this great excitement when you flew by PIA. And for good reason, too. The staff was uber-friendly for instance, they gave good meals, they were always on time, kids got free gifts and even got to see the Pilot in the cockpit. Oh, and the air hostesses were really pretty, I mean really. The crew would always smile, they were tidy and everything was just perfect. Back then PIA was a standard, they had set a bar which other airlines found hard to follow and beat.

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Using Kindle Fire as a Tablet


I badly wanted a tablet for fulfilling my social networking and net surfing needs while on the bed or on couch. The priorities were simple, a tablet with Android running in it, it should work on Wi-Fi, no need of a cam, good display and battery life, no Chinese thingy, oh and yes it had to be cheap too. So began the search for a tab that had to meet these conditions. Begorra, the net was surfed to its entirety, friends were consulted, re-consulted and called at odd timings, forums combed and after much tweeting and Facebooking, a dear friend told me to go for the Kindle Fire (Basic version). Lucky was I to get it at a throw away price.

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