CZ 550 Varmint, Rifle Review

The CZ 550 Varmint is a big bore world class hunting rifle with superb accuracy. CZ is known to make quality weapons and this one is a class apart. The rifle being reviewed is chambered in .308 Winchester. It has a walnut wooden stock, no iron sights, a bull barrel, single stage trigger and checkering in the front end as well as the pistol grip. I have seen a light hunting rifle called the Lux, also chambered in .308 Win, but this one is really a showstopper.

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The tiniest Cellphone

Please read this post as a continuation of this one. So I was on the lookout for options,as junior needed a small thrifty device on his daily sojourns to the football field. Being in contact with him gives me that peace of mind, considering today’s not so comatose environments. Since all cellular operators in Pakistan backed out on the kids watch, this tiniest cellphone, a keypad operated Lilliputian contraption caught my eye in the small cellphone shop. A Nokia was deftly dumped and the petite thing was bought instinctively for Rs 2000! Holy smoke!

So far it has worked well. Fits in one’s palm, has dual SIM option, a small camera, MP3/MP4, 3.5 mm Audio jacks, Bluetooth dialing capability! A single charge lasts three days at least. It has left me deeply impressed. Forget the looks and clunky ringtones, this thing works. And I am seriously considering getting one for myself as a backup phone. Any parents out there who want connectivity with their kids, please consider getting something like this. Lacks the Shebang but works well. Cheers.


To carry or not to carry, that’s the question

Just last week an acquaintance, a man I knew since more than a year, got shot, and died due to bleeding. He got shot in the arm by one of his business partners. In order to protect his privacy I will not share much details about him except that he was over 6 feet tall, in super fit physical condition and above all a gentleman. He went to his business¬† partner’s house that fateful evening, the discussion turned in to a heated debate over some issue and the man got shot in his arm. Help arrived late, and the man died on his way to the hospital due to bleeding.

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Motorcycle Girl! Inspirational stuff!

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“Motorcycle Girl” is a new Pakistan film based on Zenith Irfan’s solo journey from Lahore to Khunjerab on a motorbike. It was her father’s dream to travel the world on a motorbike that could not be realized due to his death. Zenith then took it upon herself to travel the journey in memory of her father. She is in fact the first Pakistani “brave” girl to travel this long and arduous journey on a motorbike, solo, that is. To me this is more than a movie. It is inspirational stuff delivered in a most witty way. I will not discuss the caste or story-line etc. This ramble is about the message that the movie aims to deliver.

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