A trip to the Christian Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) – Peshawar


I have always wanted to visit the Gora Qabristan (Christian Cemetery) in Peshawar but somehow my commitments always prevented me from going there. Today while having lunch at The Coffee Pot (consisting of Mixed Salad, lemonade and ice cream) and while reading “The story of Malakand Field Force” by Winston Chruchill I decided to make the much awaited pilgrimage. Lo and behold, with the bill paid and the waiter tipped (with some alacrity) I hopped in my car. Today was a good day, the temperature was around 36 Centigrade.

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A bridge too far…


I have been in the city of Peshawar for the last two years. These two long years I have passed this point (twice daily) five days a week while going to work. They wanted to make this bridge, an overpass or something like it. In fact they have been trying not to make it for the last two years without fail and have pretty much succeeded in their malicious efforts. It was supposed to bring convenience to the public but on the contrary it has brought much inconvenience so far. And if the new Government does not do much about it, they are for sure going to act like their predecessors. Across the road where this bridge is leading is an even bigger mess, as those long slabs are still laying on the road. It is closed since last two years. I am sure corruption, nepotism, incompetence, putridness and synonyms of all these words which can sum up this ghastly scenario are to be blamed. And on top of it all is “apathy” by all. This is the handiwork of democracy. Hail democracy! Hail.

Royal Arms Volcanic 12 GA Short Review

Royal Arms is a gun manufacturer situated in Industrial Area of Peshawar. They have been making better quality shotguns and pistols for sometime. I visited the factory a few days back and bought this 12 GA repeater, on impulse 🙂 It is a copy of the Hatsan Aimguard 12GA which is a Turkish shotgun. The shotgun itself is ok, not very impressive or very bad. I have mixed feelings about it. Here is a short review of this beast. It is called the Volcanic.

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CZ75 B- Short Review


CZ 75 B is a steel frame pistol. It has a comfortable grip, three-dot illuminating sight system, SA/DA trigger and manual safety. The “B” in the CZ75 B stands for firing pin block safety. The CZ75 B is a full frame pistol available in 9 mm, 9 x 21 and .40 S&W. It is semi-auto pistol based on the locked breech principle. The pistol being reviewed is 9 x 19 mm.

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Gamo Whisper X – Air Gun Review


Gamo Whisper X is a mid-range classy air-gun which has hit our markets, big time. Before Gamo, there was only Diana air guns in Pakistan. While there is no doubt about the quality of Diana air guns Gamo is an inexpensive alternative for gun enthusiasts, specially in Pakistan. I have seen a number of Gamo guns, all with synthetic stocks. So its a change from the traditional Diana with wooden stocks, besides giving an impressive look.

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An act of kindness never goes waste


In case you are wondering what this is all about, let me explain, or narrate please. They say an act of kindness never goes waste, no matter how small. I believe this to be very true. So it was my first day at this hotel in Rochester and I had just finished my breakfast. Before leaving for work I went to my room to pick up by office bag.

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The BBW loving solicitor


My friend “The Solicitor” has a thing for BBWs. This, he divulged to me when we met for dinner a few days back. The witty lawyer with placid personality and a telling looks could easily pass as a banker. This I forgot to tell him 🙂  A few blog posts, he has dedicated to BBWs. In between texts there’s always a line or two describing his infatuation for them. And off course I believe he takes a lot of time musing over them. Nothing wrong in that. I was afraid to ask him why he likes BBWs, for fear of offending him. But, in between saltish tasty Chicken Malai Tikka the wily solicitor told me “they are very good natured”, or something like that. And I asked him sheepishly, “why?” The conversation lingered for sometime around the subject. That’s when he explained me some fine things about them.

When I got home and hit the bed, I conjured up images of BBWs in my thoughts. They ranged from just innocent gossip to the unprintable. That’s when I realized I had never had a BBW in my life! Duh! Time to get one I guess? Well lets hope I get one, then I may be able to understand what the “modest solicitor” means after all. 🙂

Cleanliness is half the faith! Indeed it is

This sign says it all. That small board in green color, with the white writing on it, that’s what I am talking about. It says in Urdu (and let me translate it for you), “please do not throw garbage over here.” And that’s exactly what the public has done. Much to the chagrin of earthlings like me. This is no village, it is on a main road in the city of Rawalpindi. In the background you can see a Government building which happens to be a school. You can also, if you look closely, see a man taking a leak, duh!

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Quaid’s Ziarat Residence Destroyed – What’s next?

Ziarat Note: Photo taken from Dunya News website.

It is a sad day indeed for any patriotic Pakistani. The Quaid’s residence at Ziarat was destroyed in a rocket attack. It was a wooden structure which was burnt to ashes along with all the artifacts. At first I was deeply saddened when I heard the news. I visited this place about 21 years back and can recall how beautiful it was. The house, the furniture the surroundings everything was just perfect.

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A Charsi thing!


Timmy said, “pass me the J” and I complied. We was listening to Alisha’s “Lover girl” on full blast, the six of us on a cold winter afternoon huddled together under a comforter. The rule was simple, no letting out of the heavenly smoke. You smoke under the comforter, you breathe under it, you talk under it, you laugh under it and you let the smoke fill your lungs. The newer ones, got stoned after a few puffs, the seasoned ones let the smoke sink in with the music playing. I could feel the beats in my head, now. It was awesome. That’s when Sania walked in on us. She seemed to be coming from a naked romp. All messed up. We came to know only when she had changed the music to a “Badtameez Dil”. Damn! the rhythm was broken. She didn’t like old music at all. Before we knew she was in the league, under the comforter, smoking her lungs out. Amer, was by now stoned, laughing uncontrollably. He even teased Sania a little. The dame simply ignored him.

The “J” was almost finished, that’s when I lighted a new one. We were now on to our third toke. This was strictly a no booze weekend. All you can smoke kind of thing. It gave me intense pleasure watching these bimbos getting stoned. The next song up was “Sunn Raha Hai”. By the time it was mid-way Sani as we called her was out of the blanket and moving in rhythmic circles. The slender curves were a little too much to ignore. I followed her moves with my eyes, while the rest of the pack dug deep under the blanket lost in exhausting out the lonely toke. Sani’s eyes met my eyes for a moment and we exchanged lusty smiles. I knew she was on. All the encouragement I needed was there for me. We hugged each other tightly. Both of us, shedding tears on each-other’s shoulders. In between stolen kisses and passionate sobs she told me her BF had dumped her. I told her my story and we wept like kids. With “Ishq Wala Love” playing we made out.

The hangover was really bad when I woke up. She was gone, just a small note scribbled on my pillow saying, “Love you more than the weed.” I lighted a cig and kissed her in my thoughts. The boys were all gone, it was a crazy grass, weed, hash week end.

Written for my friend Muhammad Raza, on his coaxing 🙂