A bridge too far…

I have been in the city of Peshawar for the last two years. These two long years I have passed this point (twice daily) five days a week while going to work. They wanted to make this bridge, an overpass or something like it. In fact they have been trying not to make it for […]

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CZ75 B- Short Review

CZ 75 B is a steel frame pistol. It has a comfortable grip, three-dot illuminating sight system, SA/DA trigger and manual safety. The “B” in the CZ75 B stands for firing pin block safety. The CZ75 B is a full frame pistol available in 9 mm, 9 x 21 and .40 S&W. It is semi-auto […]

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Gamo Whisper X – Air Gun Review

Gamo Whisper X is a mid-range classy air-gun which has hit our markets, big time. Before Gamo, there was only Diana air guns in Pakistan. While there is no doubt about the quality of Diana air guns Gamo is an inexpensive alternative for gun enthusiasts, specially in Pakistan. I have seen a number of Gamo […]

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The BBW loving solicitor

My friend “The Solicitor” has a thing for BBWs. This, he divulged to me when we met for dinner a few days back. The witty lawyer with placid personality and a telling looks could easily pass as a banker. This I forgot to tell him 🙂  A few blog posts, he has dedicated to BBWs. […]

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A Charsi thing!

Timmy said, “pass me the J” and I complied. We was listening to Alisha’s “Lover girl” on full blast, the six of us on a cold winter afternoon huddled together under a comforter. The rule was simple, no letting out of the heavenly smoke. You smoke under the comforter, you breathe under it, you talk […]

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