10 reasons why you should consider buying a Q Mobile


Image Source: Q Mobile website.

Disclaimer. I have no affiliation with Q Mobile in any ways except that I am using one of their products and this post is not about marketing their stuff. I am what they call a “loyal customer”.

I have been using Android smartphones for a couple of years and now I think I am addicted to them. There’s loads of apps available for free, the features are great, you remain connected anywhere, anytime, there’s maps (online and offline), great camera, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. Man it’s a world out there. Previously it was HTC or Samsung, but now my choice has shifted to Q Mobile. Here are some reasons why I would prefer Q Mobile smart phones over any other brand.

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Upside down, topsy turvy…that is


It was a beautiful day indeed but I was feeling very upset. I got up from my slumber and started looking for food. There was very little of it anywhere.  A little while later my brother, sister, mom and dad joined me. Some kids from the neighborhood also came along. We began to scour the surroundings for leftovers. I have lived in this neighborhood since my birth and love the place.  But the shortage of food always saddens me. Soon the people from different places would start arriving. They would go to see the Niagra Falls, some of them would take a ride on the boat called as “Maid of the Mist”. My grandfather told me that his grandfather told him, that the “Maid of the Mist” had never stopped since it began giving tours to people in 1846. I live in the adjoining park. It is lush green in summers but winters are horrible. Our community survives on the tourists left overs. It has been like this since ages.

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I hate Good Byes, yes I do!

GBThere is a strange feeling which is difficult to describe when you are leaving a place for good. You tend to miss the house you have lived in, the office you have worked in and the people you have known for so long. Out of all these the most difficult part is saying Good Bye. So this time with a heavy heart as I was about to leave the city I had lived in for such a long time and the people I had known for such a long time I sent them a small text message saying Good Bye and thanking them for the wonderful time I had with them. The replies I received were very moving and some even brought a little mist in my eyes.

The outpouring was immense and the beyond belief. The men I had worked with expressed their feelings in the most emotional and choicest of words. It ranged everything from “we will miss you”, to “God be with you” and in one case even, “please don’t go”. WOW! I never knew I was loved so much. There is one man out of those who has called me twice since I left the place almost a week ago, just to ask my well being. I feel really lucky in a way that people love and respect me.

But now for me, saying Good Bye is very painful. I hate Good Byes, yes I do!

How bitter gourd (Karela) juice cured pimples on my face

There are a few cures which perhaps go unexplored and hence undocumented in the medical world. That’s because these are largely local remedies practiced for ages by people world over. In our language all these cures are called as “totkas”. I was never a firm believer in “totkas” until recently.  I got a very bad pimple on my face, it got so big and infected that I was down with fever for three days. My left cheek was swollen and it hurt real bad. The doctor cut it open, drained the septic and gave me a pack full of (anti-biotics which I hate so much) and off course a quite inflated bill. A week later later I was my old self. But the week beyond that another equally large and menacing pimple appeared on my face, just two inches away from the last one. This time I wowed not to take anti-biotics and braved the discomfort, killing it with subtle doses of Polyfax.

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How to kill Loneliness

I am a loner by birth. I prefer to be alone, mostly. But believe me even loners get lonely. A loner is not someone anti-social, he/she is basically someone too engrossed in his/her own thoughts and actions to interact with anyone. Loners are but humans, and all humans need to socialize. That’s the number 2 need of any earthling after food, that is. But off course too much loneliness is also not good. If you are getting too lonely you need to find a cure a kill loneliness before it kills you. Here’s what you need to do to kill loneliness:

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Sporterizing the Mosin Nagant M 44


I got myself a Mosin Nagant M44 couple of weeks back. It is a 5 shot Russian bolt action rifle just like the one used by Vasily Zaitsev (Jude Law) in the movie “Enemy at the gates”. Actually that is a Mosin Nagant M 91/30 sniper which has bigger barrel and scope mounts etc. But the caliber is the same 7.62 x 54 R. And off course the action is the same. It was designed in 1891 by Captain Sergei Mosin and Leon Nagant. In all around 37 million Nagants were produced, which are still in service in some armies world over.

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“No Music”, says the sign!


Driving around Peshawar University campus I saw this bold sign right next to the PUTA (Peshawar University Teacher’s Association) Hall. On the top left side someone had written “That’s Good”. I am not sure why the sign has been placed here. On a number of occasions I have seen marriage receptions being arranged here, and off course music being played at full blast. On a lighter note Puta is a Spanish word, which if translated to good old English means a “slut”. This could very well be a double entendre of some sort, though inadvertent. So placing the No Music sign next to PUTA Hall is contradictory in some sense Smile I pulled up right beside this uber-bold sign and with the stereo playing ABBA’s “Super Trouper” at full blast, snapped this pic.