Book Review: Don’t Lose out, work out by Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar

Warning: Sitting is the new smoking!

Don’t lose out, work out! is all about staying fit. It is a very informative book on fitness, which tells a lot about the human body, heart and dispels quite a few myths associated with exercise and fitness. Rujuta Diwekar has written a book that has educated an ignorant jogger like me on how to stay fit the smart way. Off course staying fit is all about sweating, but Rujuta tells us the smart way of doing it.

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Book Review: 2 States by Chetan Anand

two states chetan bhagat

I bought 2 States by Chetan Bhagat on instinct. It looked good sitting in the shelves of Liberty Books and I just picked it up. It is a fiction which describes the story of love marriage. Love marriages are not very common in India and Pakistan as we still believe in arranged marriages. Its actually a very complicated affair; boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy has to love her parents, girl has to love boy’s parents, girl’s parents and boy’s parents have to love each other, if the girl and the boy want to get married. If anyone out of the above is not in love with the other, the whole equation becomes imbalanced to the point of falling apart and love takes a back seat. So Chetan Bhagat tells this story in a very amusing and fun filled way.

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Movie Review: Namaloom Afraad


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“Gogi bhai ap? Gogi, maut aut tatti kisi bhi waqt asakte hain”

If you want to get belly aching laughs for at least more than an hour, or if you haven’t laughed as much as to cause your eyes to water, or if you haven’t had fun recently, haven’t enjoyed, are feeling down, some whacky syndrome hitting you? you gf/bf walked out on you, the wifey is narraz or the man is ghussa, bored in life, want to see the lighter side of life? Go watch this movie. Take my word for it, you will come back much entertained and happy. Ok , now I can write the review Smile

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Movie Review: Operation 021


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Me called Atrium Cinema booking. Me wanted two tickets for Operation 021, for me and her. Me was told only tickets available were on Saturday at 10 am! Because they city sleeps at that hour, mostly. Me got the booking. Me overslept like the rest of city, me and her missed the flick by two hours. Me went to the cinema last night and bought tickets from the counter and hence the review.

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Indulge yourself in Ice Cream with Magnum Pakistan



There existed certain consternation in my son’s mind as we drove towards his school for a parent-teacher meeting. He was expecting not a very good result in the monthly assessments, but on the contrary he got above 90%. How was a father to reward him for a performance that far exceeded our expectations? I had this surprise visit planned for my family but just could not spare the time for it. So I drove them straight to the recently opened Magnum Pakistan (Karachi) in Clifton, near Boat Basin to be exact! The drool on my younger son’s face was obvious and the family was more than happy!


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