Book Review: Return of a King

Return of a King, is the story of British misadventure in Afghanistan circa 1839 when the British East India Company waddled in to the country with some 20,000 men with the aim of installing Shah Shuja (grandson of Ahmed Shah Abdali) on the throne. It was the time when the term, “The Great Game” was […]

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Baburnama, Journal of Emperor Babur

Baburnama: Journal of Emperor Babur Translated by Annette Susannah Beveridge, (from Chaghtai Turkish) Abrdiged/Edited by Dilip Hero Penguin Books Review: You actually cannot review a treatise written by a King of the likes of Zaheer ud din Baber 🙂 You can just scribble a little about it. The original document translated by Annette Susannah is […]

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Book Review: I’ll Find My Way

Every year for the past three years Oxford University Press, Pakistan has been holding a competition for fresh budding writers. The event is publicized in papers and their website inviting young aspiring writers to submit their stories on a various topics. Last year it was about the city of Karachi. This year they invited stories […]

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