Tisas PX9 review

Hello there! Sometime back I wrote about the PX9, very briefly though, and about the latest imports in Pakistan. I got a few messages asking for a more detailed review of the handgun. So I was able to lay my hands on an NIB piece. Boy am I impressed? This handgun has amazed me. The piece being reviewed is chambered in 9×19 mm. It is a Tisas PX9, 18 shot, striker fired, manual safety pistol.

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A Turkish Tokarev in 12 Gauge!

A 12 Gauge Tokarev!

Hello. I found this 12 Gauge pump action shot gun to be very interesting. Interesting because of its name, Tokarev. For those who aren’t aware Tokarev is the name of famous Russian WW2 pistol chambered in.30 bore. These fearsome 30 bore pistols were and are still known to have great stopping power. In fact the 30 bore is a very potent round.

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A.38 Webley Mk4 revolver…

Six shooter, a mean beast from bygone era

The .38 Webley is a well known revolver in Pakistan. These were inherited by our military from the British. The top break six shooters were known for their reliability and have been in service for a long long time. These wheelers have simple design, no safety, top break, with six shot capacity

. These are now mostly kept as trophy.

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Winchester 1300 Pump action (Defender)

The Winchester 1300 (Defender) is a pump action shot gun, known for its reliability. It comes with wooden as well as fiber stock and fore end. The 1300 derived its design from the 1200. The 1200 was introduced somewhere in 1964’s and was also used by the military. The military versions were also known to have bayonets installed at their front end. It comes in variable calibers, 12 gauge, 16 gauge and 20 gauge.  It is a robust gun, very reliable and easy to use. The gun being talked about here is a 12 gauge.

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A .32 Webley revolver Darra made copy

Craftsmen in Darra used to make these .32 bore Webley revolver copies, mostly in the 70’s. It was the time pistols weren’t as popular as they are today. Also at them time .32 was the most easily available caliber, and hence most popular. The Darra boys achieved almost perfection in making these revolvers. It was a time when many a Khan would be seen wearing one cross chest sort of holster which would be hanging to his left, just parallel to the waistline.

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Are the days of hammer fired pistols over?

After looking at the 2020/21 imports in Pakistan, I am talking pistols only, it seems striker fired pistols are “in” and hammer fired “out”. It seems like world over the trend of making striker fired pistols in catching up. Why is that? I am not sure, but the few I have seen are all going for strikers. Please see the few examples below…

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.223 options available in Pakistan

Chinese CQA.223 (5.56×45)

Here are some of the .223 (5.45 x 45 NATO) options presently available in Pakistan. These are legit for civilian use being semi-auto only. These can be acquired on NPB license. The top photo is Chinese CQA which is an AR15 style weapon, by Norinco. These may come with barrel extensions.

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Is this the first ever P80 Glock in Pakistan?

Hi! So I got a chance to see this P80 based Glock 19 which might be the first ever P80 based Glock in Pakistan. Or maybe the first ever I have seen. For starters let me say, it is a mean looking machine, no doubts about it. The owner has taken lots of efforts in acquiring the parts and then putting them together. Sure enough Glocks have a cult status in Pakistan. People will like to own one, no matter what, those that can afford will got for an original, the lesser privileged ones will get a Desi Plock! Then there’s the more enthusiastic ones that will go to great lengths in collecting parts and putting one together.


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Rifles… Are they male or female?

What the … ? I guess you must be wondering what this article is all about. I have been pondering on this issue since long, in fact much longer than I can remember and somehow I think my lamentations aren’t off the mark. They make sense to me, I am and able bodied and able minded male and hence I guess most of my reasoning and logic is fair. But before I begin let me say a few words about the motivation behind this rather risqué topic.

When I was young, I mean in my teens, ogling at girls was something that came naturally to me. And I practiced it more than anything, to ogle without the subject being aware was a pure pleasure. As age waned and the child in me turned in to a man, the single sense of sight no longer sufficed and all five senses were put to good use. My marriage certainly blew a death blow to all this. Now in the Middle Ages guns, rifles, air guns infatuate me more than anything else. And the presumption leads me to believe the fact that there are many things that a woman and a rifle have in common and hence rifles are FEMALE. I believe this logic makes a lot of sense. Believe me my lamentations aren’t unfounded, as soon you shall see. So what is it that leads me to believe that rifles are female and not male? Read on guys….


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