Road Poetry II

Here’s another one. When translated into English it would mean something like this, “Be patient, for there is no companion in the grave”. It sort of tells the vehicles following this truck to drive carefully for the grave is a lonely place. Only that when read in Urdu it rhymes and sounds witty.  🙂

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Road Poetry I

My friend Raza sent me this pic quite a while back. It amply shows the emotions this truck driver has. The couplet when translated comes to something like this, “life with thy lover, death with faith”. The guy wants to have the best of both worlds. He wants his beloved in this life and God’s […]

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Hi-Tech Peer

Saw this promotional sticker inside a rickshaw and could stop myself from clicking the camera on it. It’s an Ad of a Peer who also has a website. Pretty hi Tech I say.. lol. See the pic… 🙂

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Washroom graffiti

I went to a public washroom yesterday in Dean’s plaza. The wall was adorned with phone numbers of pimps, gays and hookers. That’s quite unbelievable for me at least. I mean this is Peshawar. On one hand there is the Taliban threat and a very very conservative society and on the other hand is this […]

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