On (not) getting old!

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Got myself a haircut, clipped my nails, showered and shampooed, wore that new bright bluish suit with a red necktie matching my shoes, junior was kind to lend me his coat pin, then poured some jazzy perfume (can’t remember which) and looked myself in the mirror. Saw the man in the mirror and liked him, instantly. A 48 years old hunk, a few extra pounds with lots of greying hair, the boyish look and a killer smile (or so I thought), things looked perfect. We were going to a friend’s daughter’s wedding. It was Friday night, beautiful weather, would get see old friends, lots of them, it will be fun. Jokes and laughter and good food. What could be better than all this?

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HS9 (Springfield Armory) Subcompact Review

The HS9 subcompact is a small pistol which packs a bigger punch. When compared in size it is smaller than most subcompacts but has a greater capacity, 16 rounds with mag extension. It has a polymer frame and a forged steel slide. It is a striker fired pistol with grip safety. A safe action trigger coupled with grip safety gives it adequate safety features. However,I believe in manual safety always, nothing wrong with the gun, just my preference. It is made in Croatia, and later Springfield Armory USA made a deal with them and hence it is dubbed as HS9 by Springfield Armory. The handgun is impressive by all standards, very good metallurgy, no tooling marks. It is well balanced and gives a good grip. Comes packed in a plastic box.


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A “Dungar” Rifle – Made in Pakistan

When it comes to rifles, there’s quite a serious dearth of them here in Pakistan. I am talking about quality weapons, meant for hunting, or for competition shooting. If you are able to find a fine rifle you will run in to difficulties finding its ammo. The one time popular 7 mm (7 x 57) ammo isn’t available and even if you find some it will be exorbitantly priced, so finding an (inexpensive) rifle in that caliber is easy. But then there’s ample ammo available in 308 Winchester but buying a rifle is not easy. Firstly no one wants to let go of it, and even if you are able to find one, it will be very expensive. So to solve this problem the local gunsmiths have come up with good solutions for the local market. In that 308 Winchester and 7.62x54R (called as “Dungar”, because of Dragunov) have been favorite choices all along. The rifle being reviewed is a local rifle using a Russian Goryunov MG barrel and a P14 or P17 Enfield action with a local stock. Its a well made rifle, as you shall see.

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CZ Rami 2075 D, pistol review


The CZ Rami 2075 D is an excellent choice when it comes to concealed carry pistols. It is well balanced handgun with good capacity and features. Based on the famous CZ design this gun has decocker only, it is single/double action with a light trigger. It comes with two mags, a 10 rounder and a 14 with mag extension which makes the grip easy to hold. The plastic case has cleaning brush, manual, two mags (double stack) and its initial factory (zeroing) range results. Best of all it comes with true night sights (three dot) that glow in the dark. The pistol being reviewed is 9×19 although Rami also comes in .40 S&W.


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Sarsilmaz B6C (Compact), Handgun Review

Sarsilmaz B6C (Compact) is a very good Turkish handgun in the 9 mm category. It has a polymer frame and a forged steel alloy slide. The B6C is a SA/DA pistol with a manual safety, also has drop safety. The handgun is adequately sized for concealed carry, as the pistol is compact version of the Sarsilmaz B6. It comes with simple three dot sights, a small extension in mag base improves the grip. It is a slide in frame design with a tight grip. However, you have to get used to the rather reduces space for racking the slide. It comes in a box with spare mag (13 round), cleaning rod, user manual and oil bottle etc. See the specs and photos for details.



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Short Review Brno (Mod 2), .22 LR Rifle

The Brno (Mod 2) .22 LR is an excellent rifle for plinking or hunting. It can also be used for pest control. I came across this used piece and bought it on impulse, in fact I had been on the look out for one for a long time. Brno is known for making quality weapons. The rifle pictured above was made in 1973. In case you don’t know Brno is Czechoslovakian brand. Brno has now been renamed as CZ and CZ makes quality handguns as well as rifles.

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