Short Review Brno (Mod 2), .22 LR Rifle

The Brno (Mod 2) .22 LR is an excellent rifle for plinking or hunting. It can also be used for pest control. I came across this used piece and bought it on impulse, in fact I had been on the look out for one for a long time. Brno is known for making quality weapons. The rifle pictured above was made in 1973. In case you don’t know Brno is Czechoslovakian brand. Brno has now been renamed as CZ and CZ makes quality handguns as well as rifles.

Here are the specs of Brno Model 2 (1973), .22 LR:

Caliber:  .22 LR

Barrel length:  24″

Rilfe Length:    42″

Bolt Action

Front Sight: Fixed

Rear Sight: Tangent Sights 25 to 200 yards

Weight: 6.5 lbs



See the Brno logo and Mod 2 written on the barrel.




The rifle has seen lots of wear as you can see dings on the wood also bluing is gone. Observe the gas vent near the markings. The grip is checkered for a better hold.




“Made in Czechoslovakia” also observe the gas vent on right side. In all there are three gas vents, one to the left, one to the right and one on the bolt head itself. The dovetail is 16 mm for mounting a scope.




You can see just a small portion of the gas vent on the bolt.




The Bolt.




See the gas vent from other angle.






It comes with a 5 round magazine. There are 10 round mags available as well, but I have yet to find one.





Take down is pretty easy. You just have to remove 4 screws that hold the rifle together.





The front sight is fixed.




Tangent type rear sight from 25 to 200 yards.



The Brno Model 2 is a light well balanced weapon. Its very accurate with iron sights and if you attach a scope, you can literally shoot one holers. I have shot this weapon and it has definitely impressed me. Next I intend getting it blued and definitely needs some work on the wooden parts. The newer version CZ 452 is quite expensive. You’ll be lucky to find one under Rs. 200k but the Brno Model 2 you can easily get in around Rs. 70 ~ 75k. This is a no frills kind of weapon, very basic, even the trigger is non-adjustable, but accurate and fun to shoot. There are plenty of them (used) available in the market. Good weapons if you’re in to hunting.

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10 thoughts on “Short Review Brno (Mod 2), .22 LR Rifle”

  1. Beatiful and accurate rifle. Where to find a used but excellent condition one?
    Many Thanks

  2. Hello All,
    My No.2 { 1974 } is in suberb condition with a Tiger Stripe stock { Lovely Figure } What is It with these beautiful desirable hand made rifles? Suh lovely quality!

  3. Hello Boys & Girls,
    Do any of you know when the Brno No. 2 introduced the steel magazine with the bottom plastic slide – plate?
    Best Wishes & Stay Safe.
    Michael C Pink { England }

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