Street Crimes in Karachi – I

Street Crime

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In the last two weeks, two men I knew, have lost their lives at hands of merciless muggers, in the “City of Lights” aka Karachi, . Both men were married, had kids and were in their late thirties, and sadly both got shot at close range after midnight, but at different places and different times and dates. It has saddened me to know that one of them was returning from a marriage ceremony and the other from shopping in Ramzan. The reason for this rather long premise is that I want to write about street crime in Karachi; in detail. I guess we are already very late in controlling this menace, and if some very urgent and stringent steps are not taken I fear a very serious consequences for everyone living in this city.

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Huawei Ascend G510 Review


I was pretty much satisfied with my Q Mobile A10 and had not planned on getting a new one. But nature has its own ways, so one fine evening inadvertently I left it at the counter of a bakery while paying the cashier. By the time I came back to get it, the brickly thing was gone. And along with it was gone my 4 GB of digital life, contacts and pics. Damn! But then there was just no way to get it back the best I could do was to have it blocked. And that’s just what I did. Next thing, I got new SIMs issued in my name and finally looked for a cellphone. I did not want to spend a lot of money so Huawei Ascend G510 was the logical thing to buy as it would do the job and leave not that big a dent in my pocket.

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