The Atrium (mall) cinema experience


My fondest memory of watching movie in a cinema dates back to 1978. That was the time if you wanted to watch a movie you had to go to a cinema. VCRs came some two years later, changing the whole scenario, followed by CDs, DVDs, Internet etc etc. I remember going all the way from Islamabd to Pindi with my uncle to watch “A man call tiger”, “One million years BC” and “Enter the dragon”. Then later when NAFDEC was born in Islamabad I remember going for “Star Wars” and “Abida” (An Egyptian movie). Back then cinemas were mostly sordid places with uncomfortable seats and ill disciplined crowd of movie watchers.

WAAR 2013, Movie Review


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I saw its trailer about a year back and instantly liked it. There was lots of action, firing and Shan stuff on it. They said they were spending truckloads of money on its making, and that it would be a sure hit at the box office. Ostensibly, this was one movie I wanted to see. But my personal commitments did not allow me to see this flick on its very release date. Anyways, with Atrium Cinema located a mere spit distance from my abode I decided to take my snuggler along for the 8.50 pm show. With kids deftly tucked in a put to sleep with dire threats, kisses, hugs and promises of goodies we went for the show Smile

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What to do if the Micro SD card in your QMobile gets corrupted

It happened to me, just three weeks back. The micro SD card in my QMobile Noir A10 got corrupted. I tried removing and placing it again and again in its bay but it just wouldn’t budge. Although it did ask me to format it at the cost of loosing all my data which I did not. Finally, I placed it in my laptop’s memory card reader bay and tried to read it using various apps like Pandora Recovery and MiniTool Power Data Recovery, but since the computer could not recognize the card, reading it was out of question. So here’s what I did:

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PTCL EVO Wingle–User Experience


Hi, just moved in to a new city, Karachi that is! I was pretty disconnected for three days at least. The whole bunch of PTCL wireless devices advertised in a local daily caught my attention. What great timing I thought. So off I went to the local PTCL office in Karachi Saddar, after talking to the helpline. The helpline guy told me EVO Wingle which promises great speed, would cost Rs. 7500, with three months of paid connectivity. But alas, the customer care guy had another story to tell, he asked for Rs. 9000 for the same contraption due to some tax thing which I found hard to understand. The next stop was a local vendor aka PTCL franchisee. These guys sell Wingle at Rs. 2200 a piece with an additional Rs. 1500 for a months service (30 GB limit). Although there’s another plan which gives 75 GB of download data limit for Rs. 2,500 per month.

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