Train to Pakistan


Khushwant Singh’s novel “Train to Pakistan” is the reason he shot to fame. It was written in 1956. Since I had not read this book so I wanted to order one. I normally buy books from Liberty Books, mostly online. It gives me the convenience of ordering books from my home, over the Internet. The book are delivered to my home I make the payment on delivery. So I logged on and searched their website to find the new version of “Train to Pakistan” with pics depicting the partition. The pictures are real and have been snapped by a US photo journalist Margaret Bourke-White who at that time happened to be on an assignment, for Life magazine in this region. The editors have very nicely synchronized the photos with text describing the various scenes. The photos lend a very realistic look to the story and some of them are as really touching, although some of the images may seem disturbing since they show dead people and animals some in advanced stage of decay.

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Karachi You’re Killing Me by Saba Imtiaz (Book Review)


“Racey, pacey and laugh-out-loud funny. A Murree-beer-soaked love letter to Karachi and journalism”, says Muhammed Hanif about this book, “Karachi you’re killing me”. Written in a daily diary style this treatise which starts on December 31, 2011 and ends on May 11, 2012, encompassing over 260 pages, is treat to read. Written in a casual, hip style, it is funny, somewhat raunchy with lots of information packed in between. Well don’t you think fiction is knowledge free, it certainly added to my rather sparse vocabulary about things unprintable and all. The “Starfish” for example, which I always thought to be a fish that is shaped like a star, but heck no, its much more than that. Made me laugh out load as I recalled the Starfish I have encountered in my life. So what would be the antonym of Starfish? A Jellyfish no, an Octopus I guess. Lol.

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“The Alchemist” (Graphic Version) by Paulo Coelho


With over two million copies cold, Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist is still going strong and changing the lives of people around the world. Just recently I was sent a complimentary copy of the The Alchemist (Graphic Version), by a bookseller. This book was finished in three days, well excuse me I am not in to speed reading and with a job, three kids and a wife, this is the best I can manage. But I can tell you, this novel is absolutely amazing. Its like reading a comic book. My 11 year old son finished it in one go and loved reading it. Next up was my daughter. The wife has missed it since she’s not in to books, and I feel sorry for this. Both my kids loved it. The son, told me in a most animated and stimulated way how Santiago finally discovers the treasure and has to travel all the way back to the old and destroyed Church.

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Eulogy: Khushwant Singh (of Hadali)


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So your wish for a peaceful departure was granted, you finally met Bade Mian the way you wanted. I am gussa at you for no reason, and I hope the Bandobast at your cremation is really good and one befitting a man of your stature. Just two days back I blogged about you, I never knew your time was up. But then I guess Kawal must be waiting for you. For you made her wait an awful long time to complete your mission, twelve years to be exact. I hope you had your single malt last night and a good dinner too. When the solicitor texted me today with this sad news, the natural reaction was that of disbelief. Just two words, “Khushwant Singh” were enough, Google filled me in of your sad departure.

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Khushwantnama: Book Review, The Lessons of My Life by Khushwant Singh


I was introduced to Khaushwant Singh by my dear friend Hamid Gondal whom I lovingly call as “the Solicitor”, and for this I am deeply indebted to him. Since that one book (Truth, love and a little malice) I have bought and read about ten of his books, with Delhi topping the list. Khushwantnama is Khushwant Singh’s latest and last book. The maestro has now retired from writing, rightly so, what else can one expect form a man of his age (99)?

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Christian Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) Karachi


When I was in Peshawar I did a post on the Christian Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) Peshawar. It is a small graveyard which over the years has deteriorated due to neglect by the authorities. There are graves, some very old, some very new. A few days back I went to see the Christian Cemetery of Karachi which is located on the main Shahrah e Faisal. It is a huge cemetery with entrances on the main Shahrah e Faisal as well as the Korangi Road. If I am not wrong in guesstimating it should be more than 10 acres in area. The purpose of my visit was to see the old graves which to my amazement were really old. Some dating to 1858 and even 1840’s. I am not very fond of visiting cemeteries, but going there and looking at the graves makes me realize that value of life. I like to imagine how the person might have died, how might have been buried, how the relatives must have mourned, how they were consoled by friends. It is a very different feeling.

Before you see the pics, I must inform you for what you are going to see is nothing very pleasant for the eyes. Decades upon decades of neglect has given the cemetery a ghostly look. There’s the issue of rain water which stands for days after a downpour (specially in monsoons), the excessive wild growth, the decaying graves, fallen tombstones, stray dogs and the saddest of them being its turning in to a playground by the locality living nearby. What a way to dishonor the departed, for how can someone rest in peace if you use tombstones for wickets while playing Cricket, and even as goal posts for football.

What are the benefits of 3G/4G netwroks for Pakistani consumers?

3G 4G LTE Pakistan

So Pakistan is going to have 3G and 4G soon. So what? How is it going to affect you and me? Or as they say the average Joe? What is the single or a few big benefits that a common consumer will have from this much talked and discussed technology? This small post will attempt to dispel some big doubts about 3G and 4G/LTE.

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The great confusion!


If the sight of a car radiator coolant sitting in a refrigerator has you confused, imagine my predicament on finding it in my fridge. The instant reaction was who, why and when? Sure enough the place for this 500 ml tin containing toxic liquid is not a refrigerator at least, it could my garage, some old worn out trunk, my spare parts and tools bag, the store but hey never the fridge. Why then? Darn! that’s when it hit me. As I rewound the happenings of the day…

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11th Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan Show held at Karachi


I am not much of a car buff, but whenever an (outdoorsy) opportunity arises I spare no effort in getting there and having a good time. So this Saturday I got an anonymous text on my cellphone (thanks to SMS Marketing) informing me of the 11th Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan showcasing some fine beauties, I found it hard, very hard to ignore. Free entry, lots of cars, fun stuff, people and a general air of happiness, what else does one need to lighten up a day? So taking my flimsy Point and Shoot off I went to the Forum Mall, near Teen Talwar, in the city of Karachi. The constricted space was filled with cars, motorbikes and more cars. Well with so many people around it gave a literal meaning to the idiom, “rubbing shoulders” with the gentry. It was really nice seeing so many vintage and classic cars all lined up in a place with their owners standing besides them. Enjoy the pics!!! I don’t know much about them cars but the pics are a treat.

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