Improve throughput by installing a dual band router

So I had this FTTH solution at my home that promised 50 Mbps at all times. On a wired network that maybe possible but on wireless with a simple single band router operating in 2.4 GHz and bandwidth hungry apps, Fortnite, PubG, video streaming, smart TVs, Tablets and smartphones it was becoming difficult to balance things. With Covid, things became worse as online classes are being held at home. So a solution was to be found to this dilemma. I hard wired one smart TV, the PS4 was also hard wired, but then the other TV in another room could not get its share of airwaves. Turned out the 2.4 GHz router was insufficient. So I had another dual band router installed. This thing works in 2.4 as well as 5 GHz bands. It has MIMO antennae that promise optimal performance and auto bandwidth adjustment depending on speed requirement. It also comes with a USB port so You can attach a printer to it. So now the printer is also wireless and can be used from anywhere in the house. The dual band router was fixed on a wall at some height, all things backed by UPS power. Now I can get blazing fast Internet, live video streaming and the TV in the other room is showing much better video quality without jerking.  So if you are getting Internet issues consider investing in a dual band router. Cheers

The role of Spectrum Harmonization in Mitigating cross border interference.

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The process of uniform allocation of frequency bands across an entire region is called as Spectrum Harmonization. At the global level it is the ITU which facilitates the harmonization of frequency bands by the three regions that the world is divided in to. Allocations made by ITU are further coordinated by the regulators and at times the Governments of neighboring countries also facilitate the process. Spectrum Harmonization is a complex and vast field which requires deliberations and planning to fully reap the benefits offered by it. Countries with harmonized band plans benefit and those lacking it suffer adversely for years. This is because if band plans are auctioned without prior planning for harmonization and implemented then various issues arise, the most damaging of which is the cross border interference, which is harmful for the neighboring countries. A harmonized spectrum plan will benefit the region immensely specially for socio economic development and will offer more advantages to the whole region. This also ensures good services for the users and good growth chances for the operators.

            While writing about the Spectrum Harmonization it is important to highlight that here we are talking about FDD frequency band plans, that is separate Uplink and Downlink frequency band plans. Because predominantly the world over FDD is being used and so here in the context of Pakistan and its neighbors we are also cite examples of issues arising out of these assignments.

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Using Mobiles Phones for Socio-Economic Development


Mobile phone users world over are increasing at a fast pace. According to the ITU statistics there are over 6 billion mobile phone connections and over 3 billion users world wide. With newer technologies like 4G the mobile phone penetration is only going to increase in the coming years. It would not be incorrect to say that not technology has affected us like the way mobile phones have. Today the smartphone is  used for multiple purposes; it’s your Ebook, wallet, reminder, fitness companion, email system, web access gadget, news medium, blogging tool, music repository, weather forecasting tool, entertainment system and banking tool; to name a few. While these all benefits may not be available to everyone everywhere, still the mobile phone with basic text and voice features are today available to a larger part of the world populace.

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Defining the “Principles of Mobile Privacy”

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Two events back to back in a span of one week forced me think to think about my priorities and actions as far as my online privacy is concerned. With Mobile and Internet becoming synonymous the issue of Mobile Privacy is exacerbated and difficult to quantify, define and solve in one go. A small travelogue written and posted on a Blog by me got replicated on another Blog; in a matter of two days, but this time with a picture of me. On closer inspection I found it (my pic) to have been copied from my Facebook!!! How on Earth did the man find my Facebook and copied the pic? Obviously using my email he hunted me on the most popular social medium and using the pic posted on the Blog matched it with my profile pic on FB. Next thing, I get an email from a European country asking me questions which only I can answer, regarding my company’s role on some technical issues. Two days later the guy calls me up on my cell phone all the way from Germany asking me same questions. On my insistence he informs me that his company has a database of important persons with details about their job nature, email and cell numbers!!! Truth be told, I am flabbergasted. The bottom line is; guarding one’s privacy in the online world is impossible.

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The Jingle in the Wingle

Zong LTE

  If ever “they” decide to hold a competition for the slowest Internet device on Earth, I can swear upon my favorite pair of underwear its going to be none other than the PTCL Wingle! This thing promises to give you GBs of Data at a speed much higher than that of light. It promises to show you Smart TV on your mobile, Tab or PC. It promises to be flawless, in operation, low on budget, reliable, dependable and expressions of the type. Alas! the thing falls short on all accounts. I have had the very unfortunate experience of using it for some time and I am dismayed by its performance. To this day I have been thinking quietly and loudly, sleeping and awake, driving and walking, even while jogging and in the gym; why did they make this thing in the first place? And that what could one use it for after it is discontinued, or even replaced by a faster device, something like the Zong Wingle, for instance, that amazes me by its speed (over speeding) in downloads of up to 37 MBPs and uploads of up to 13 Mbps! Phew!!!

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How to Hard Reset Q Mobile i10



I made a post couple of years back on how to Factory reset or Hard Reset your Q Mobile if the screen is broken or doesn’t work. Since then I have been getting requests on how to Hard Reset a Q Mobile i10. So here’s a small post on how to Factory Reset the Q Mobile i10. I think the same procedure should work on all I Series Q Mobile phones. I hope you find it useful.

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What are the benefits of 3G/4G netwroks for Pakistani consumers?

3G 4G LTE Pakistan

So Pakistan is going to have 3G and 4G soon. So what? How is it going to affect you and me? Or as they say the average Joe? What is the single or a few big benefits that a common consumer will have from this much talked and discussed technology? This small post will attempt to dispel some big doubts about 3G and 4G/LTE.

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Using Kindle Fire as a Tablet


I badly wanted a tablet for fulfilling my social networking and net surfing needs while on the bed or on couch. The priorities were simple, a tablet with Android running in it, it should work on Wi-Fi, no need of a cam, good display and battery life, no Chinese thingy, oh and yes it had to be cheap too. So began the search for a tab that had to meet these conditions. Begorra, the net was surfed to its entirety, friends were consulted, re-consulted and called at odd timings, forums combed and after much tweeting and Facebooking, a dear friend told me to go for the Kindle Fire (Basic version). Lucky was I to get it at a throw away price.

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Turn your car in to a mobile hot spot using PTCL Wingle


I wrote about the Wingle couple of days back. It is a small little thingy that can be used to convert any place in to a Hot Spot. So I decided to try it in my car. Here’s what you need to do to convert your car in to a mobile hot spot.

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How to buy a laptop? Which one to choose?


Choosing a new laptop is a daunting task indeed. Just go to any market and you will be amazed and dazed by the variety available. Of the many Dells, HPs, Sonys, Samsungs and Fujitsus, which one is for you? Leave this, google the words “buy laptop online” and you are sure to get 10 million plus results in under 0.18 seconds which will scare the daylights out of you. Feeling lost? Fret not, this little guide will guide you Smile Read on….

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