And the macho drove on….

What does this picture tell you? Does it convey a contorted message? Is it a joke? A mockery of the non-existent respect for laws in our decrepit society? A bold show-off message to all, that I have been to the US? A message to the indifferent Police in our country? A blatant display of machismo? […]

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Why I like the US.

I have been to a number of countries like Turkey, China, Saudia, UAE, UK and the US. In all these countries the US stands out, but for a number of reasons. Instead of writing a log paragraph I will number them down.

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More reasons to carry a handgun

Some of my friends may not agree with this but I have strong reasons to say this, one must carry a handgun with him/her, at least in Pakistan. The ever deteriorating law and order situation, the inability of the LEAs to control incidents from terrorism to bank robberies to muggings, and apathy of public and […]

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