“The Alchemist” (Graphic Version) by Paulo Coelho


With over two million copies cold, Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist is still going strong and changing the lives of people around the world. Just recently I was sent a complimentary copy of the The Alchemist (Graphic Version), by a bookseller. This book was finished in three days, well excuse me I am not in to speed reading and with a job, three kids and a wife, this is the best I can manage. But I can tell you, this novel is absolutely amazing. Its like reading a comic book. My 11 year old son finished it in one go and loved reading it. Next up was my daughter. The wife has missed it since she’s not in to books, and I feel sorry for this. Both my kids loved it. The son, told me in a most animated and stimulated way how Santiago finally discovers the treasure and has to travel all the way back to the old and destroyed Church.


Google told me there’s also colored E versions of the book available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to be read on Kindles, iPads and other tablets. The book “Alchemist” has been transformed in to a comic book and is fun to read for kids. Awesome, simply awesome. I wonder why they still haven’t made a movie out of it? Or have they?

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