Hate graffiti in Peshawar

It’s at a very busy intersection of the city that I found these two very clear wall chalkings. This is strong language if you know what I mean. Someone had vented out his anti- American feelings on a very beautiful wall with equally impressive foreground. Not only has he destroyed the look of this wall […]

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Hi-Tech Peer

Saw this promotional sticker inside a rickshaw and could stop myself from clicking the camera on it. It’s an Ad of a Peer who also has a website. Pretty hi Tech I say.. lol. See the pic… 🙂

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Why the Starlings won’t fly!

I was on vacation a few days back and went to my native town. The good thing about vacations is that everyday seems like Sunday. So one fine sunny Tuesday I went to the local market a saw at least 20 or so Starlings on the roads, sidewalks, under parked cars, near shops and almost […]

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