Eulogy: Mr. Gul Khan Yousafzai

Gul Khan sb - Copy

As the usual round of Patta Tikka, followed by Chicken Tikka other goodies including those tastiest of pastries finished I hit a desolate corner to enjoy my cup of tea. That’s when I saw a familiar face I had seen some 29 years back, neatly attired in a business suit, smiling and with a cup of tea in his hand. A flashback took me to the era when we used to see him with a hoe or a spade in his hands busy tilling the soil, while we went for games. The man would be covered in sweat from head to toes and quite often my not so adolescent mind would be perturbed as to why was he so much in to gardening. This is the Gul Khan sb I remember.

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Arabian Sea Country Club, Shooting Range

ASCC (1)

We Pakistanis are a crazy lot when it comes to guns. I mean lets face it, we are really crazy about firearms, not only about collecting them but also shooting them, which is mostly in the air. I have already done a post on the menace of aerial firing, which in fact is a very dangerous thing. The availability of guns/ammo (Desi as well as Foreign) without much paper work and hassles, the unavailability of shooting ranges and our ignorance on the issue is what results in most people shooting their weapons in the air.

Anyways, new firing ranges are now coming up in bigger cities, where people with licensed weapons can go to fire them and improve their shooting skills.

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