A few days ago I blogged about CF98 price coming down to Rs 70 to 80k. Just two days ago I got word that CF98 is selling from Rs 50 to 60k. That is really some price drop! But from what I have heard the pistols are still not selling. The reason I have been […]


Makarov copy, Pakistan made

There’s nothing very fascinating about a pistol being copied. To me its like duping people. In fact it is very much like that. So when a friend showed me this Makarov, I chided him for getting it blued fresh and devaluing it considerably. That is when he told me it was a local copy, I […]

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Sarsilmaz CM9- short review

The Sarsilmaz CM9 is a short recoil operated locked breech semi-automatic compact Turkish 9 mm pistol. It has Polymer frame and Forged steel barrel and slide. It comes with adjustable rear sights, the front sight is fixed. The pistol has manual safety with firing pin block. Front rails under the barrel allow accessories like the […]

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CF98 price drop

Hello. A new lot of CF98 has landed in Pakistan, specifically Peshawar. My sources tell me it’s around 2000 pistols. As a result of this the price has dropped from Rs 120k to 80k. But please note these are Peshawar prices. At other places price may vary slightly. Good news.

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Book Review : Jangloos

Hello. I feel bad writing in English about a book (Jangloos) written originally in Urdu, but please bear with me. I have been reading it for almost last two months. In fact I finished it today.Jangloos is a set of three books each well over 600 pages. It is set in rural Punjab (Central as […]

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