CZ 9 mm Pistol (TSX), Short Review


The CZ TSX is a custom 9 mm semi automatic pistol that you won’t find anywhere in the market, at least not in Pakistan. That’s because to make one of these you actually have to buy two CZ handguns and make one. It goes like this, this handgun uses a CZ SP01 Shadow frame and CZ Tactical Sports slide Smile This results in a very tight slide to frame grip. And if you add in a competition hammer from CZ Custom, tinker a little bit with the trigger and make use of the rear adjustable sights present on the TS, it will result in one of the best shooting handguns at an affordable price. I won’t bore you with more of this talk, enjoy the pics and some description.

Toz Model 8, .22 LR, Short Review


The Toz Model 8, is a Russian .22 LR Bolt action Rifle. Toz 8 was in initially conceived in 1932 for small game hunting, practice and teaching purposes. The rifle being reviewed is 1957 model. It is a single shot model, meaning the rifle lacks any magazine or clip. You load in a round, fire it and after ejecting it load another one. The rifle is really simple to disassemble. Just remove two screws and the whole thing comes apart in seconds.

CQA Rifle–Short Review


The CQA is a Chinese 5.56 x 45 mm copy of the AR15, hence its very similar in looks to the M4 also. Since 5.56 x 45 mm ammo is available in abundance in Afghanistan and Pakistan, due to the war on terror and relentless looting by the worthy foes of coalition forces, there has been a lot of interest in this rifle and caliber in our country. The ammo is dirt cheap, its modern, almost a fad with gun enthusiasts and a preferred choice due to low recoil. I got my hands on one of these a few days back, I can tell you its one mean beast. A short review is presented for my audience.

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About courtesy, respect and good manners


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Me, snuggler and the kids hit trail 5 in Islamabad last Sunday. It was tough but it was fun. I am used to lots of walking and jogging but wasn’t sure if snuggler or kids would be able to keep up. They did surprise me, in 2.5 hours we reached the top (Pir Sohawa), had a small lunch and were ready for descent, 30 minutes later. I realized it was late, and we would be on track with darkness around us. With the car parked “down there” it was either walk to it or hire a cab. Walking was out, and cabs weren’t there. At least none near us, so we started walking the road. Snuggler got worried, so did the kids, but somehow I was confident help will reach us, as many cars sped by without looking at us. Just then an elderly man stopped and offered us a ride. He took us to the trail 5 parking and that’s how we reached home in time. Snuggler thought I knew the man, which off course I didn’t and hence this post…. Smile

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