An ACOG for Ar15

The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) from Trijicon is a must have sight for the AR15 rifle. There are various models of the ACOG, but generally the features are the same. It is a military specifications Mil Spec item which can withstand extreme temperatures, it is rugged for field use and easy to use.  

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Pen Pistol, a rare find

On a recent trip to the famous Darra Adam Khel I came across this pen pistol. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to take a closer look at it. I had heard so much about it, but had never got a chance to see one or even fire it. The funny […]

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An 80% Glock 17 ;-)

On my recent visit to Peshawar a friend showed me this beautiful 80% Glock 17, and so I was forced to take a close look at it. Why is it called an 80% Glock 17? Well it has almost 80% original Glock parts and 20% desi. In fact he told me it was 20% Plock, […]

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Book Review: Return of a King

Return of a King, is the story of British misadventure in Afghanistan circa 1839 when the British East India Company waddled in to the country with some 20,000 men with the aim of installing Shah Shuja (grandson of Ahmed Shah Abdali) on the throne. It was the time when the term, “The Great Game” was […]

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