The Careem Experience 

Careem has recently launched its services in the Twin Cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad amidst much fanfare. All roads leading into and out of Islamabad were adorned with banners advertising Careem’s launch. A recent unplanned  shopping spree by my spouse left me pretty much without a ride for a whole day. With colleagues waiting at the dinner table in nearby DHA 2, I was left with limited choices to reach the destination in time, that’s when it Careemed upon me to make use of the already installed (Careem) app in my smartphone.

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Good deeds, Good thoughts and Good words


Out of the many pieces of art stuff being sold at the top floor of Milad Tower in Tehran, this particular piece caught my eye. The seller happened to be an very kind and aged lady who I am sure in her younger years was a beauty. I bought two ear rings made of wood painted in beautiful colors, in fact I was toying with three of them when she asked me how many wives I had? Literally taken aback I said just one 🙂 the motherly figure smiled and pointing at me said, “Oh I know you men!”. That brought out a laughter from the buyer as well as the seller.

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Pistol vs Revolver; the big debate


So which one of the two is better? Pistol or revolver? There are those who love semi-auto pistols and then there are those who adore wheelers. It’s almost a never ending debate, they say carrying a pistol means having more capacity, and that wheelers are old fashioned. Then there’s talk of accuracy and speed and looks and safety and what not. The average Joe gets confused and in the end has a hard time deciding which one to go for. Interestingly in our part of the world (Pakistan) revolvers are considered old fashioned and out dated. Actually this isn’t so. Surf the web and you’ll come to know there’s a sizable population which prefers wheelers over semi-auto pistols. Here’s some points to consider before going for any one of them.

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Walther PS22 Red Dot Sight Review


The Walther PS22 Red Dot sight is an inexpensive piece of equipment well suited for mounting on rifles and hunting guns, whether center fire or rim fired. It obviates the need for iron sights and lets you in quick target acquisition with both eyes open. The sight comes with a Picatinny style mount so you do not have to buy extra mountings. Its light weight, easy to install and makes shooting fun.

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How to accessorize the CQA 5.56 Rfile


This is a pic of modified CQA 5.56 semi-auto rifle. The rifle comes in black matte finish, originally. It has a fixed front sight and a rear adjustable sight, besides a retractable stock. Apart from this, there’s no accessory item on the CQA by default, save for the removable carry handle. The CQA is a clone of the American AR15 5.56 semi-auto, which has a cult following world over and has been extensively accessorized in every possible way in the US. With after market parts the CQA can be modified or accessorized quite inexpensively to make it look beautiful and modern.

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Got the CZ 75B compact Duracoated 

I got my CZ 75B compact pistol duracoated in Flat Dark Earth. The controls were left black intentionally to give a contrast with the cocobo wooden grips. The trigger is steel so didn’t need a makeover. The magazine is a 16 rounder with extended base plate. Gives a better two hand grip. It has a competition hammer and night sights. The gun is pure pleasure to shoot 😀





Here is a pic of the gun before it was duracoated. 🙂


A primer on Radio Signals and Health


World over the mobile phone use is increasing with each passing day. According to the ITU there are over 6 billion mobile phone connections all over the world and the number of users is more than 3 billion. There is little doubt that in coming years these numbers are going to increase.  As newer technologies like 4G are introduced and as the world prepares itself for 5G even more mobile sites and devices will be introduced since the IoT (Internet of Things) will require more connections with each device talking to another. More devices, more coverage, more services and this will ultimately mean more radio signals in the air. A much misunderstood issue related to the growth of mobile phones is that of radio signals and their effects on human health.

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