A rare find, Star .32 ACP

A dear friend called me up and invited for tea, such opportunities are never to be missed as I know him to be a connoisseur in firearms. So after tea he showed me this beautiful Spanish Star pistol chambered in .32 ACP. It is a hammer fired pistol with fixed sights. The pistol comes with a 10 shot magazine. It has a mag release on the left side and also a thumb activated safety. The grip is all plastic, but fine quality. I almost forgot to say that it is a simple blow back pistol. Nowadays in Pakistan it can be kept under wraps since 32 is a gone era. The ammo is extremely expensive and mostly unavailable, nevertheless a nice handgun to add to your collection as it costs in the Rs 30k range.

A Cerakote job on my beloved Makarov Pistol

Sometime back in 2012 my daily carry Makarov caught slight traces of rust near the hammer, that was because I used to carry it daily, and more importantly on my jogs wearing a belly band. The humid environment and sweat did it. No amount of sandpaper job and bluing would kill the rust permanently, until my friend suggested Duracot. I got it doneĀ  on most of my pistols. While duracot is good and does give good protection against rust, it also wears off with frequent use (holster wear), specially in case of daily carry weapons. So this time when a dear friend Rotor, told me he had built a setup at home for Cerakote, I jumped at it with closed eyes because I had read a lot about Cerakote. Not only is it more smooth, good looking, comes in various colors but also it is more long lasting.

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