Road Poetry – III

  I had to tell my driver to step on it and take the car closer to this truck, so I could snap this pic for my Blog. It is a saying with a very deep meaning, one that always generates a great debate, not to mention agitating the mind and making one think hard. […]

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Eid Mubarak!

  Image Source: Freepik   Happy Eid ul Fitr to all my readers, followers, friends and family. Have a good one. May our wishes come true and may you smile throughout the year. And, don’t forget to give that dieting a well deserved rest Cheers and best wishes. This also reminds me of a funny […]

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Punjabi Expletives (Un)explained!

  The fat one had a very dark complexion, unkepmt hair, wore a dhoti and loose shirt, the tall one had a wheatish skin tone, he was shaved, had a thin moustache and wore relatively clean clothes. I wouldn’t have noticed their clothing or looks, not after having driven 1500 kms in two days from […]

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The State in Quandary

I had to go to the tailor to get some clothes stitched and he happens to be in Saddar, Pindi. He’s kind of my family tailor or so I can claim as his father stitched clothes for my father, so it kind of runs in the family. The measurements done and tags pinned he told […]

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