Washroom Graffiti -II

It takes me time to decide on what to write about. I was thinking for a couple of days on what to write about. Lo and behold, I went in to this public washroom and there was this thing written on the wall. For those who cannot read Urdu, let me please make it simple […]

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The proletarian’s laugh

The inevitable happened, as often it does. My better half was out shopping and  I was on my own, that meant no car for me. I had to get home and needed some cash too. So I hired a Rickshaw and headed home, via the bank off course. It was almost 7 pm when I […]

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Taliban destroy PTCL Exchange in FATA

FATA has six frontier regions and seven agencies. Since the start of global war on terror this region has experienced the worst kind of destruction. While the frontier regions are somewhat developed and civilization prone the opposite is true for agencies which since the time of British have remained somewhat no go areas and impoverished.

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Hate graffiti in Peshawar

It’s at a very busy intersection of the city that I found these two very clear wall chalkings. This is strong language if you know what I mean. Someone had vented out his anti- American feelings on a very beautiful wall with equally impressive foreground. Not only has he destroyed the look of this wall […]

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On making snuff in Peshawar

That wad of tobacco, that gives the men a high, that smells so weird, that looks dark green, that men love, that women hate (mostly), that they put between the teeth and cheek, that tastes uncanny, that costs so cheap, that they make by adding tobacco, oil and lime, that they grind and beat, that […]

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How to cure athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a common disease which happens because of a fungus. Normally it hits the place between fingers of one’s feet. The skin develops rashes and if not taken care of, it becomes very painful. If you have this ailment pour four tea spoons of black tea in a pan and boil it for […]

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