Would you buy a “made in Pakistan” weapon?

If someone was to ask me this question, I would say, short answer “no” and long answer “yes”. The short answer No is something I have been writing about for a long long time now when I write about guns, that is. The reasons are simple and basic, and its not about the cost, its about your own safety, and more importantly about your life. A weapon that is a copy of some famous known brand, like Glock, Beretta or some Turkish Zigana, is made of God knows what material, has not passed the quality control checks except for firing it once with half a magazine and thence declaring it a “Go” is not a standard that could in any way rate a weapon as reliable or safe. In fact both Darra and Kohat road Industrial Continue reading Would you buy a “made in Pakistan” weapon?

The Peshawar APS SChool massacre and its aftermath


APS School

Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/

I am bewildered on where to begin with; should I write about the class 9 student who missed school because he couldn’t wake up as his alarm clock malfunctioned and hence lived to see they day his whole class wiped out, shot dead; or should I write about the girl who played dead amongst her classmates and ran only after the beasts had left her for dead, or maybe about the first year student who was lucky enough to escape and call his parents from a nearby house, or how about the little boy who despite being shot in the chest called his mother and told her he’s fine, what about the brave lady teacher who stood in the way of those beasts and the little angels only to be doused with petrol and set on fire, or the Principal who despite having the chance to escape preferred to stay in the school like a good Captain of a sinking ship that refuses to abandon his/her ship.

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“No Music”, says the sign!


Driving around Peshawar University campus I saw this bold sign right next to the PUTA (Peshawar University Teacher’s Association) Hall. On the top left side someone had written “That’s Good”. I am not sure why the sign has been placed here. On a number of occasions I have seen marriage receptions being arranged here, and off course music being played at full blast. On a lighter note Puta is a Spanish word, which if translated to good old English means a “slut”. This could very well be a double entendre of some sort, though inadvertent. So placing the No Music sign next to PUTA Hall is contradictory in some sense Smile I pulled up right beside this uber-bold sign and with the stereo playing ABBA’s “Super Trouper” at full blast, snapped this pic.

And the macho drove on….


What does this picture tell you? Does it convey a contorted message? Is it a joke? A mockery of the non-existent respect for laws in our decrepit society? A bold show-off message to all, that I have been to the US? A message to the indifferent Police in our country? A blatant display of machismo? If at all to me this is reminiscent of a sick mind suffering in severity from inferiority complex.

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Rahat Bakers in Peshawar

Rahat Bakers or something of the likes of Rahat opened up in Peshawar few months back. The city is kind of low on quality stuff, specially in the food department. There are a few good bakeries like Jan’s Bakery, Pak Bakers etc. But then that’s where the thing stops. I believe this joint is a franchise of the original Rahat, because somewhere it changed to Tehzeeb after years of libel suits. So things became so jumbled up that consumers were confused out of their minds which Rahat was real and which was the imitator. And now we have this Rahat in Peshawar. But that’s not what this discussion is all about.

Today’s ramble is about the low quality stuff that this bakery is making and selling, in the month of Ramzan! I had the very unfortunate experience of buying samosas for Iftar and boy they turned out to be filled with some junk. On closer inspection I think it is the leftover stuff of Pakoras. The kids refused to eat it and so did my wife. That the cost of all items have been jacked up is another discussion altogether which may require another post. What is even more painful is the fact that a substantial quantity of the Samosas was sent to neighbors and friends for Iftar, just imagine what they might have felt on eating this junk.

A few days back I bought some Kachuris from them and surely at least one turned out to be filled with “NOTHING” and the other had burnt stuff filled in to it. Folks, spending a few million rupees to get a shop on main University road, getting a franchise from Rahat, opening a Bakery including a much needed Facebook page is no big feat at all, I say its good businessman acumen. The real thing is making and selling quality stuff and not ripping off customers. I hope the management takes note of this and improve their quality or I will stop going there.

IMG_20130729_192708 See this Samosa! It was filled with some junk. Get a life rippers!

Some observations about Hayatabad, Peshawar


I have been living in this upscale locality of Peshawar for the last two years. It has been planned and designed by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). Hayatabad has seven phases in all with a number of sectors in each. There are schools, colleges, universities, Public as well as private hospitals, CNG pumps, markets, parks, greenery and good medaled roads.

If you want to see beautiful houses, this is the place to visit. You can find huge palatial houses based on modern architecture. Its really impressive. But I have a number of very valid observations which I am sure if addressed can make it an even better place to live for those living here.

  • There are no playing grounds! In the evening you can see boys of all ages playing Cricket on the roads. Besides looking bad it is also dangerous.
  • There is just one Restaurant (Spring Rose) in Yousafzai market in all of Hayatabad. Come on guys you can do better. Why do I have to go to University road for a good dinner? There are two or three Pizza cafes that deliver at home though.
  • The markets are a huge mess. If you go to one you will be dismayed. I have found heaps of stinking trash right next to a Pizza joint in Yousafzai market. And guess what not one was bothered about it, not even the owner who was busy selling Pizzas and burgers.
  • There is no quality control over food items being sold here, be it bread, nan, fruit or anything.
  • There is no check over the price of goods being sold here.
  • There are is no Traffic police deputed in Hayatabad. I have people over speeding, I have seen people going from the wrong side of road and I have seen blatant disregard for traffic rules.
  • The PDA building has but one good shop and a small bakery, the rest of the market is occupied by Property Dealers. You want to buy an underwear for instance well you buy it from the same Wadudsons or you go to the University Road or even Saddar.
  • The price of property has sky rocketed in recent years because lots of people from FATA have migrated here.

I am sure PDA and the management can do much better but not sure what’s stopping them?

A trip to the Christian Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) – Peshawar


I have always wanted to visit the Gora Qabristan (Christian Cemetery) in Peshawar but somehow my commitments always prevented me from going there. Today while having lunch at The Coffee Pot (consisting of Mixed Salad, lemonade and ice cream) and while reading “The story of Malakand Field Force” by Winston Chruchill I decided to make the much awaited pilgrimage. Lo and behold, with the bill paid and the waiter tipped (with some alacrity) I hopped in my car. Today was a good day, the temperature was around 36 Centigrade.

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A bridge too far…


I have been in the city of Peshawar for the last two years. These two long years I have passed this point (twice daily) five days a week while going to work. They wanted to make this bridge, an overpass or something like it. In fact they have been trying not to make it for the last two years without fail and have pretty much succeeded in their malicious efforts. It was supposed to bring convenience to the public but on the contrary it has brought much inconvenience so far. And if the new Government does not do much about it, they are for sure going to act like their predecessors. Across the road where this bridge is leading is an even bigger mess, as those long slabs are still laying on the road. It is closed since last two years. I am sure corruption, nepotism, incompetence, putridness and synonyms of all these words which can sum up this ghastly scenario are to be blamed. And on top of it all is “apathy” by all. This is the handiwork of democracy. Hail democracy! Hail.

Royal Arms Volcanic 12 GA Short Review

Royal Arms is a gun manufacturer situated in Industrial Area of Peshawar. They have been making better quality shotguns and pistols for sometime. I visited the factory a few days back and bought this 12 GA repeater, on impulse 🙂 It is a copy of the Hatsan Aimguard 12GA which is a Turkish shotgun. The shotgun itself is ok, not very impressive or very bad. I have mixed feelings about it. Here is a short review of this beast. It is called the Volcanic.

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