Washroom Graffiti -II

It takes me time to decide on what to write about. I was thinking for a couple of days on what to write about. Lo and behold, I went in to this public washroom and there was this thing written on the wall. For those who cannot read Urdu, let me please make it simple for you. It says, “Wisest is the man who prepares for death”. This being somewhat a literal translation of the writing, I must say this has religious undertones. Actually what the writer means to say is that one must be prepared for the after life as is the injunction according to Islam. While I tend to agree with this prolific writer about his views being a muslim, but what I am at loss to understand is why he has chosen a washroom wall for this wise authorship? Maybe a washroom is one place where people get new ideas, or have more time or have the freedom of expression in anyway  they want. Anyways I find it amusing 🙂

Hate graffiti in Peshawar

It’s at a very busy intersection of the city that I found these two very clear wall chalkings. This is strong language if you know what I mean. Someone had vented out his anti- American feelings on a very beautiful wall with equally impressive foreground. Not only has he destroyed the look of this wall but also let himself down by using such profane language, at least that’s what I think. I pass through this place daily and it’s been here since last two months. Surprisingly no one has tried to clean it. Funny thing is that the American consulate is about 300 Meters from this place. I think this had been done intentionally so that people in the consulate get this message, loud and clear. And off course the rest of the city gets this message for free as well.



Ostensibly I think it’s the other way around. 🙂