The proletarian’s laugh


The inevitable happened, as often it does. My better half was out shopping and  I was on my own, that meant no car for me. I had to get home and needed some cash too. So I hired a Rickshaw and headed home, via the bank off course. It was almost 7 pm when I reached the Bank. I told the driver to wait for me as I wanted to get some money and went on to do some jugglery with ATM machine. Praying hard that it does have enough cash, and that it isn’t out of order. It wasn’t out of order, and out came a thin wad of cash, crisp and smelling sweet. As I came out of the ATM kiosk I saw a shadow near me, thinking it to be a mugger I braced for an encounter and deftly moved away only to realize it was the Rickshaw driver who had followed me.

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