Ehsanullah Ehsan – and the telephone calls from undisclosed locations.

The infamous TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan has been making calls time and again to the Press and Media agencies claiming responsibility for a multitude suicide and other such attacks carried on by the TTP against the innocent Pakistani’s as well as the state of Pakistan. I have been following the news off and on and each time he makes a call from a undisclosed location”. Now what exactly is an “undisclosed location?”

Let’s critically analyze this whole issue. Technology has advanced to a stage where today if you make a call from any location it can be easily traced, be it landline, wireless or satellite. Let’s suppose Ehsanullah Ehsan makes this call from a landline (he’s really dumb, right 🙂 ) he will be caught right away, if ; a) His identity is not protected by the media person whom he is calling, b) It means he is at a location where landline exchanges exist, that could be anywhere in Pakistan or even Afghanistan. So, if he is using a landline then he is in Pakistan/Afghanistan and the media persons are hiding his location.

The second possibility is that he is using a mobile phone. If that is so, then he is possibly not in FATA as most of the FATA areas less a few are devoid of cell phone coverage. And even if he happens to be at a location in Pakistan or Afghanistan, he is still traceable and can be caught if the media persons are not hiding his location.

The third possibility is that he is using a satellite phone from tribal or border areas of Pakistan and/or Afghanistan. Still he is traceable, since I cannot believe our sleuths do not have the capability to snoop on satellite communication. Either way, again it is the media man who could possibly be not disclosing his location.

Finally, what is he is using the Internet? Well it is still traceable and he needs A DSL minimum for that.

I believe, the bozo is in Pakistan, he is protected by someone very powerful who do not want to expose him, or get him nabbed and the media whom he contacts quite frequently know his whereabouts.

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