Rahat Bakers in Peshawar

Rahat Bakers or something of the likes of Rahat opened up in Peshawar few months back. The city is kind of low on quality stuff, specially in the food department. There are a few good bakeries like Jan’s Bakery, Pak Bakers etc. But then that’s where the thing stops. I believe this joint is a […]

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Royal Arms Glock 19 copy

Royal Arms have been making copies upon copies of famous brands. I got a chance to try their Glock 19 knock off. The pistol comes in a plastic box padded with foam. A spare mag is also included. So just see the pics and decide for yourself, if its any good.

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Cheering up the Chinese Janitor!

I was on my was from Beijing to Islamabad, and as luck would have it my airplane was late by a good four hours. Four hours at Beijing International Airport! Well the airline I had chosen didn’t have much to offer in return except a few bottles of chilled Pepsi (In December!!!), some paper glasses […]

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Chicken Run; in Pakistan :-)

We are a chicken loving nation. This bird is Pakistan’s favorite bird. No dinner or lunch table is complete until it has chicken laid out on it in various forms, be it roast, curry or fried. In the last few decades chicken has gained momentous popularity as a food item because, Mutton is very expensive […]

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