Rahat Bakers in Peshawar

Rahat Bakers or something of the likes of Rahat opened up in Peshawar few months back. The city is kind of low on quality stuff, specially in the food department. There are a few good bakeries like Jan’s Bakery, Pak Bakers etc. But then that’s where the thing stops. I believe this joint is a franchise of the original Rahat, because somewhere it changed to Tehzeeb after years of libel suits. So things became so jumbled up that consumers were confused out of their minds which Rahat was real and which was the imitator. And now we have this Rahat in Peshawar. But that’s not what this discussion is all about.

Today’s ramble is about the low quality stuff that this bakery is making and selling, in the month of Ramzan! I had the very unfortunate experience of buying samosas for Iftar and boy they turned out to be filled with some junk. On closer inspection I think it is the leftover stuff of Pakoras. The kids refused to eat it and so did my wife. That the cost of all items have been jacked up is another discussion altogether which may require another post. What is even more painful is the fact that a substantial quantity of the Samosas was sent to neighbors and friends for Iftar, just imagine what they might have felt on eating this junk.

A few days back I bought some Kachuris from them and surely at least one turned out to be filled with “NOTHING” and the other had burnt stuff filled in to it. Folks, spending a few million rupees to get a shop on main University road, getting a franchise from Rahat, opening a Bakery including a much needed Facebook page is no big feat at all, I say its good businessman acumen. The real thing is making and selling quality stuff and not ripping off customers. I hope the management takes note of this and improve their quality or I will stop going there.

IMG_20130729_192708 See this Samosa! It was filled with some junk. Get a life rippers!

Some observations about Hayatabad, Peshawar


I have been living in this upscale locality of Peshawar for the last two years. It has been planned and designed by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA). Hayatabad has seven phases in all with a number of sectors in each. There are schools, colleges, universities, Public as well as private hospitals, CNG pumps, markets, parks, greenery and good medaled roads.

If you want to see beautiful houses, this is the place to visit. You can find huge palatial houses based on modern architecture. Its really impressive. But I have a number of very valid observations which I am sure if addressed can make it an even better place to live for those living here.

  • There are no playing grounds! In the evening you can see boys of all ages playing Cricket on the roads. Besides looking bad it is also dangerous.
  • There is just one Restaurant (Spring Rose) in Yousafzai market in all of Hayatabad. Come on guys you can do better. Why do I have to go to University road for a good dinner? There are two or three Pizza cafes that deliver at home though.
  • The markets are a huge mess. If you go to one you will be dismayed. I have found heaps of stinking trash right next to a Pizza joint in Yousafzai market. And guess what not one was bothered about it, not even the owner who was busy selling Pizzas and burgers.
  • There is no quality control over food items being sold here, be it bread, nan, fruit or anything.
  • There is no check over the price of goods being sold here.
  • There are is no Traffic police deputed in Hayatabad. I have people over speeding, I have seen people going from the wrong side of road and I have seen blatant disregard for traffic rules.
  • The PDA building has but one good shop and a small bakery, the rest of the market is occupied by Property Dealers. You want to buy an underwear for instance well you buy it from the same Wadudsons or you go to the University Road or even Saddar.
  • The price of property has sky rocketed in recent years because lots of people from FATA have migrated here.

I am sure PDA and the management can do much better but not sure what’s stopping them?

That crazy place called Times Square


There is at least one crazy place on Earth called as Times Square. It lies in the Manhattan District of New York city. Times Square is one place which never sleeps, or at least I have never seen it closed be it day or night. If it is day time you will find people in droves going from one place to another, cabbies honking horns, music at full blast, live dance performances, artists making the famous New York skyline using spray paint, people selling all kinds of stuff, Chinese artists who will make your pencil sketch for $ 5, food, drinks, music and anything one can imagine. If its night time, the scene will be no different, only more lively because at night time the lights make the scene even brighter, the huge screens adorning the buildings showing ads, songs and the latest movie trailers look really amazing. Be sure to find people of all races, cartoon figures in costumes, lights, discos, gentlemen’s clubs, bars, restaurants, its simply amazing. There’s shopping malls selling clothes, apparel, shoes, kids toys stores, to me it looked like a live 24/7 circus. That’s why I called Times Square, “one crazy place!” Enjoy the pics 🙂

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How to Factory reset your (Android) Q Mobile if touch-screen is broken or not working


Here’s the worst situation one can come across. Your Q Mobile screen is broken, it isn’t working and you have to get it to the repair shop for a new touch-screen. But you need to reset the phone and wipe out all data. What to do? Even the front screen buttons aren’t working. The only thing working is the volume up/down keys and the power button. Fret not, just follow these steps.

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How to make Distilled water

OK guys I was out of distilled water and my car battery was kind of low on it. What to do, what to do? in this sweltering heat, I mean it was 45 C. So I hopped in to my car and drove to the nearest gas station which happened to be 5 km away. Shoot! they were out of it too! That’s when I remembered, I have endless supply of distilled water in my very home.

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Cheering up the Chinese Janitor!


I was on my was from Beijing to Islamabad, and as luck would have it my airplane was late by a good four hours. Four hours at Beijing International Airport! Well the airline I had chosen didn’t have much to offer in return except a few bottles of chilled Pepsi (In December!!!), some paper glasses and a skimpy note saying, “Drinks on the house, PIA”. Damn! I knew they were serious 🙂

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Modifying my Lee Enfield No4 Mk1


Sometime back I bought a Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 rifle commonly called as the, three knot three (.303) rifle here in Pakistan. It is a good weapon of its times, very robust and sturdy. But as far as looks are concerned, its a total looser. I badly wanted to sporterize it, to improve its looks, make it lighter and put a scope on it. So I started work on it, as a project. After some efforts I was able to reduce its weight and spruce up its looks by removing the top portion of front end guard. I also sanded the stock and gave it a coating of linseed oil. The rifle was better looking but not very impressive.

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Chicken Run; in Pakistan :-)


We are a chicken loving nation. This bird is Pakistan’s favorite bird. No dinner or lunch table is complete until it has chicken laid out on it in various forms, be it roast, curry or fried. In the last few decades chicken has gained momentous popularity as a food item because, Mutton is very expensive and beef is not liked by most except the Pathans. With the introduction of controlled poultry sheds, it is now being mass produced, and consumed. My mother tells me that in the days of yore there was only organic chicken, or as we call it Desi chicken. But now its all Shaver. The bottom line is we love chicken more than anything else.

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