How to transport your weapon by Air in Pakistan

Hello there. I got this inquiry from one of our worthy readers on how to transport a (licensed) weapon by Air. This post is for all those who are traveling by Air and want to take their weapon (licensed pistol/revolver/rifle/shotgun). First of all it has to be a licensed weapon. So you walk in to the airport and when checking in tell the security person on duty that you have a weapon…. Continue reading How to transport your weapon by Air in Pakistan

The addictive affects of Fortnite

About a year ago I found my kids playing Pubg, (an online game) on their cellphones. After sometime I found that they were neglecting their studies. So we sat down and had a talk. I gave them an option of giving away their cellphones and instead getting a PS4, but only to be used on weekends, up to maximum of 3 hours a day. They readily agreed as PS4 was the next big thing according to them. They had an XBox 360 then in which they had lost all interest. So we went to the game shop and I got them a PS4 with all the shebang attached to it. Continue reading The addictive affects of Fortnite

How to import a Glock pistol in Pakistan

I have been receiving a lot of comments on how to import a Glock or any other weapon in to Pakistan. Well for starters let me say that all weapon imports were banned in to Pakistan by the previous Government. The ban though has been lifted, still the modalities have not been worked out. So don’t expect any good news. Still Government and Armed Forces personnel can import a weapon of their choice on NOC provided by the Ministry of Commerce. So please read this post in conjunction with the previous one…

Continue reading How to import a Glock pistol in Pakistan