Tisas Zigana PX9 range report

Hi! I got a chance to take this beauty to the range few days ago. The target was five metallic plates, each with a diameter of around 6 inches placed at 20 meters. There was slight pre-travel in the trigger. The gun shoots excellent out of the box.

I was able to hit 5 metallic plates in 7 shots. Two missed, but considering the fact that it’s a new pistol the performance isn’t bad. I am definitely beginning to like this handgun. Please see the video. Cheers

HS9 G1 compact Lands in Pakistan

HS9 compact

Hello. The HS9 compact has landed in Pakistan. Sometime back I wrote about the HS9 sub compact G2. Since this is a generation old so it’s selling a little cheaper. My sources tell me 500 odd pieces have arrived and are selling for around Rs 140k.

It comes with two 16 round mags, trigger and grip safety, polymer frame, steel slide, 3 dot sight system. The gun has a good reputation, it was marketed in the US by Springfield armory. Stay tuned guys. 😀

Tisas Zigana PX9 Video Review

Hello there! Sometime back I did a review of the Tisas Zigana PX9 9 mm pistol. Here’s a video review of the same pistol. I still have to fire off a few rounds from this baby. And hopefully a range report will be coming soon.

“Hope you like the review;

and it is of some use to you;”   ~ Nopes I didn’t make up the rhyme, it just came naturally 🙂

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