Baikal MP442 Video Review

Just about 9 years ago I wrote about the Baikal MP442 Russian Makarov pistol. It is still a very decent choice for a concealed carry weapon. Then in 2021 more of these MP442 were imported. So here’s a video review of the Makarov 12 shot pistol. Hope you find it useful. 🙂

Makarov 12 shot , 2020 model arrives

Saw this 2020 model Makarov, 12 shot pistol, by Baikal, MP442 (Russian). It is 9 x 18 Makarov, with two 12 round magazines. The 20 preceding its serial number denotes the year of manufacture. It is a decent pistol, reliable , accurate and small size, minus the slightly thick grip. It has a special magazine that has two springs, a smaller upper magazine for the single rounds and it gets wider after that (towards the base)  so has another spring for the double stack rounds. Also has a safety/decocker and firing pin block etc. I have used this particular brand for 5 years without a hiccup. Presently selling for Rs 110 to 130k. It is a good concealed carry choice, plus the ammo is very cheap. A very good choice for SD/CC.


A Cerakote job on my beloved Makarov Pistol

Sometime back in 2012 my daily carry Makarov caught slight traces of rust near the hammer, that was because I used to carry it daily, and more importantly on my jogs wearing a belly band. The humid environment and sweat did it. No amount of sandpaper job and bluing would kill the rust permanently, until my friend suggested Duracot. I got it done  on most of my pistols. While duracot is good and does give good protection against rust, it also wears off with frequent use (holster wear), specially in case of daily carry weapons. So this time when a dear friend Rotor, told me he had built a setup at home for Cerakote, I jumped at it with closed eyes because I had read a lot about Cerakote. Not only is it more smooth, good looking, comes in various colors but also it is more long lasting.

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Here is why Makarov is a good choice for carry weapon in Pakistan

Some time back I wrote a post on the after effects of import bans in Pakistan. Well for now the prices of weapons already in the market has swelled three times at least or more in some cases. It is a simple demand versus supply problem. The previous Government imposed ban on imports to control the worsening law and order situation, (as if the criminals and terrorists were using licensed weapons 🙂 duh!). And the present Government wants to bring down the imports bill. Well then what are the gun enthusiasts or anyone wanting to get a weapon for self defence or sports, supposed to do? Buddy the options are; either go for a low priced desi (local) copy with all its UN-reliabilities included at a small cost, or get a quality imported reliable weapon. Continue reading Here is why Makarov is a good choice for carry weapon in Pakistan

Dura-coating my Makarov


Makarov Duracoat (1)

The Makarov in this pic has been my loyal companion for about five years. It has seen most parts of the country that I have visited in last five years. Its absolutely reliable and accurate weapon, besides it gives the great advantage of concealability and with a 12 shot mag it gives one gets 4 rounds per mag advantage over the old 8 shot Makarov. The handgun has de-cocker as well as safety and is SA/DA as discussed here.

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