Stoeger STR9 Video Review

Hi there. Here’s a review of the Stoeger STR9 striker fired 9 mm pistol. For now I am experimenting with video reviews, I know, I know, I am quite imperfect, but please bear with me 🙂 For now please see the review. Cheers!

P.S. Pics at the end of post.


















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2 thoughts on “Stoeger STR9 Video Review”

  1. Good show 👍🏼As per my limited info that striker fired and trigger safety systems were introduced by Glock and now are being followed by most of the pistols. I would say leader is always a leader that’s why glock is considered under high priced pistols, I would rather say Glock is as iPhone and rest of the pistols are as rest of phone brands …!!! 😊
    Btw don’t worry being imperfect in video making, it’s now very much improved. At least you have initiated so keep it up and thanks for making informative reviews …..!!!👍🏼


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