Visiting Keenjhar Lake


Just 127 kms from Karachi near District Thattha lies the Keenjhar Lake. It is man made lake also called as Kalri Lake. Keenjhar Lake is a huge freshwater reserve, and one of Pakistan’s largest fresh water lakes. With a maximum length of 24 kms and width of 6 km it’s area is well over 137 sq km. If you are going from Karachi just follow the Shahrah e Faisal towards the Jinnah International Ariport. The road is fairly good and you will reach Thattha in about two hours, depending on how slow you can not drive Smile  From Thattha it is a mere 25 kms.

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Turn your car in to a mobile hot spot using PTCL Wingle


I wrote about the Wingle couple of days back. It is a small little thingy that can be used to convert any place in to a Hot Spot. So I decided to try it in my car. Here’s what you need to do to convert your car in to a mobile hot spot.

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Book Review: Sahibs Who Loved India by Khushwant Singh


Sahibs Who Loved India is a collection of articles compiled and edited by Khushwant Singh. The articles have been written by people who have been associated with India from 1930’s to 1970’s. Their infatuation, love, likes (mostly) and dislikes about India have been discussed in a (sometimes) witty and at other times in a serious manner. As the book is based on theme, “What India means to them (the authors)”, it is interesting to read the views of Shaibs and Memsahibs who have lived in India and worked there in various capacities. This includes military men, barristers, judges, school masters, news reporters, editors and bureaucrats.

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Lal Qila Karachi, a “must visit” place for all foodies


Located on Shahrah e Faisal Karachi, opposite the PAF Base, is this eatery, that is majestic in appearance from the outside just as much as it is from the inside, called as the “Lal Qila”. I went there once a couple of years back and loved the food, just as much as I did yesterday. It is a “must visit” place for foodies, and dare I say if you are not a foodie it will turn you in to one, but for an hour or so, considering the profuseness of dishes not to mention their taste which by all standards are unique and exquisite.

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A short trip the the PAF Museum Karachi


Few places have impressed me more than the PAF Museum, Karachi. With or without family it is the place to and spend a day looking at the plethora of aircrafts from the jets, to helicopters and transporters that have at one time been in service with the Pakistan Air Force. The place is located on Main Sharah e Faisal (right side) while going towards the Jinnah International Airport. Sprawled over acres of land the museum is mostly outdoor, with a hangar that houses some war memorabilia, the Quaid’s aircraft, a scaled down model of the JF-17 thunder, the history of Aviation depicted by small models of aircrafts and a heroes section.

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On loosing a cellphone, the easy way


A new cellphone is a joy to have, at least till the time you get tired of it, which normally happens within six months. So I decided to change my old Android running gadget for a new Android running gizmo. The choices were plenty in fact a little more than plenty, enough to confuse a grown up man with greying hair. The prices varied form a few thousand to almost many thousand. The specs would confuse NASA, and the looks would entice even the introvert and make him feel like an extrovert, but for a little while. Wallet loaded with cash, credit cards lined up in order and with a cellphone in mind I went to a huge store that specializes in confusing people with its variety of cellphones on display. The eyes were trained for looks, the heart on a looker and the mind on saving some dough. Lo and Behold I settled for a mid category (a term used by the salesgirl) Android that could, she told me, do almost anything!  That alone stirred up my imagination more than anything else ever did!

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Shopping for plants…


If planting a tree is difficult then buying one is not easy either. I was to discover this last  Sunday. Being day off I wanted to read some book but snuggler coaxed me in to taking her for a shopping spree, only to buy some plants. Dillydallying would not work this time, I was assured as she had been wanting to buy plants for quite sometime. So with cash loaded in to my wallet we went to a nursery of plants only to be surprised by the wide variety of vegetation and flora on sale. Before you read any further I must confess, my knowledge of plants is just as scarce or abundant as that of a third grader. The wife however, told me she had been researching on them over the Internet. So I assumed she obviously knew more.

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