Art Work by GA

My son likes to draw pictures. After school he has his lunch, does his homework and then gets busy drawing pictures. A few days back he drew a picture for some contest and asked me to upload it to a kids website which somehow wasn’t working. So I decided to upload it to my Blog. […]

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Karadeniz Power Ship for Pakistan

SOS for Pakistan – The KAYABEY Power Ship Pakistan is facing the worst ever electricity crisis in its history. Thanks to years of mismanagement, shortsightedness and corruption; a country bestowed with rivers, enough wind to generate 50,000 MW and a Solar belt that can also generate an additional thousands of Mega Watts of electricity, not […]

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US Military told to accept Gay recruits

This might come as a surprise as a Federal Judge has ruled against the “Don’t ask , don’t tell” policy terming it  “unconstitutional”.  The ruling also directs US Military to accept gays applicants as recruits. Though gay rights activists have warned aspirants not to disclose their “sexuality” as the decision may be revoked. The news […]

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This is my Pakistan

Today is the 16th of Oct 2010, it is Saturday, day off for me. The morning paper carries a photograph of Karachi’s slum area “Khuda Ki Basti”. The photograph itself is self explanatory. It shows a web of illegal electricity connections from a WAPDA pole. One could rave and rant about this thing, but why […]

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Protecting Children in Cyberspace. (I won the Best essay Award, organized by ITU-T)

About a year back Pakistan Telecommunication Authority held a competition on ITU’s theme for 2009, “Protecting Children in Cyberspace”. Yours faithfully also participated and luckily won the first prize! The article itself is pasted below for you to read and enjoy. Best wishes Abstract. Internet is in a constant state of growth and change. New […]

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Pakistan’s Power Woes

It has now been a little over three years that we Pakistanis have been experiencing power shortages. Each year promises to be better, but is worse than the last. When will it all end, nobody knows, perhaps never. The Government has been busy making promises, which have never been fulfilled. I was in Kashmir when […]

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