Facebook, after all is popular in Pakistan

The social networking website that took the world by storm and is still going strong with a population of over 400 million users is popular, in Pakistan and elsewhere. Well this is no breaking news off course. Let me explain, I am a frequent traveler on Pakistan’s premier bus service Daewoo. Frequent would mean at least round trips to various cities each month. And off course when you travel for over 5 hours one way, you are bound to use the bathroom, restroom, head or john, whatever you may call it. Bathrooms (public) everywhere in the world are always adorned with messages written on their walls, some meaningful some meaningless. I have seen this in China, Turkey, UK, UAE etc etc. This happens to be like this, somehow.

Most of the times in Pakistan, these messages appear to be offensive in nature. When you sit down on the toilet seat you really don’t need to read any paper or play with your cell phone! The walls have ample stuff for you to read. You can read religious hatred messages/slogans, jokes, 18+ graphic arts and most of all cell phone numbers of boys/girls. But just recently I came across the most interesting message of a would be hooker, written simply was “ 22 years old girl available for sex, in Lahore, find me at www.Facebook.com/(her name). Holy smokes! That explains it.

Whether the ad was genuine or not, I don’t know, but it was right there on the wall in red color! Hence my conclusion, Facebook is after all popular in Pakistan.

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