Sojourn of the Zong Kids Watch ~ A concerned parent’s dilemma

This post when read in the backdrop of recent pedophilia cases that have surfaced in Pakistan (Kasur to be specific) will make a lot of sense. It is a┬álamentation of a concerned parent who has been ripped off by a Telecom operator, without so much as a reminder or anything of the sort, called as “Customer Care”. And off course there will be many parents out there who will vouch for this ramble’s piety.

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“Log kiya kahengay”

Let me for once start from the summation, no issue has plagued our society like the one I want to ramble about today, “log kiya kahengay?” (the literal meaning being, “what will people say?”). It has perhaps remained buried deep inside my heart for such a long time, that I cannot even remember since when, slowly pinching me, telling me there’s something wrong, coaxing me to rebel and become an insurgent in my own way. This very issue plagues our society to the extent that our lives are shaped from day one not by our own will but by the fear of a very disturbed reaction that the society is going to exhibit to our little or big things.

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