PTI won or lost? You decide.


The educated working as well as middle/upper class of Pakistan has always considered politics as a dirty business. Resultantly, politics was left to the politicians who were supported by the uneducated class, mostly. I know many (myself included) who would prefer to sleep or while away time on things more (read less) important, than to go out and vote and perform this National duty. We would sleep late, watch TV, watch movies, listen to music and do just about everything except vote, off course. Resultantly, the voter turnout was always low and very few ended up deciding the fate of everyone. Come elections 2013, and everything changed. Why? Because of Imran Khan off course. Because in him, people saw a ray of hope. The educated class had faith in him and knew only he could take them out of this quagmire. So did Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf win or loose?

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Imran Khan falls, but The Nation rises

This post does not have a pic. It cannot, for I prefer it to be so. If there was a pic suitable for this post, it would show a forty something man with grey hair; misty eyed. He would be smiling on instinct, but to suppress the gloominess in his heart. It would pretty much depict his feelings, the background would be grey, some clouds maybe. He would be looking decrepit in the literal sense. It would in fact depict my true feelings.

Oh Captain, my captain I have rarely felt like this before. What comes to mind often is a young Second Lieutenant in Gujranwala Cantt, sitting in his office with a four inch Black and White mini TV in front of him quite oblivious to the happenings around him, for that day Captain you were in the Arena with your squad. And when your team (our team) won the young Lieutenant leapt in air and with total disregard for military norms and customs (Discipline included) and hugged his Company Commander with tears in his eyes. The whole Battalion shouted, laughed, wept and celebrated. Captain, how can I forget that? For you have been my Hero ever since and even before that.

When you decided to build The Hospital, I followed the news. When it was inaugurated I felt happy beyond words. I remember, when you came to my daughter’s school asking for donations, you shook her hand making me the proudest Daddy that day. And how can I forget the day you visited CB Girls College, a girl in my neighborhood gave all her pocket money (she had been saving for years) in donation. I am sure there were many more who did likewise. I remember President Zia ul Haq, coaxing you not to retire. I remember, saving paltry sums out of my meager Captain’s pay and donating to The Hospital fund. I remember picking up a fight with the Bank Clerk on forgetting The Hospital’s designated account number. I remember, your foray in to politics, your marriage, your divorce, the false libel case by Ian Botham. Captain, I felt hurt when they slandered you for things too personal, but somewhere deep inside I knew you had it in you to deliver.

When we were kids, we ate, drank and slept Cricket. Captain, your pinups adorned my room. I recall distinctly, my brother memorized your scores be it test matches or one dayers, in a chronological order. There were others in the team but to me the only one who mattered was YOU. When you played, the whole nation played. And I guess its pretty much the same, now.

I am apolitical, by nature. I loath politics. But your words, your charisma and leadership turned this loner in to a politico. Just yesterday I cast my vote after a long time. The choice was obvious, I need not delve in to that. The last time I did was somewhere in the late nineties and even then it was you, I voted for. Winning or loosing wasn’t important, no never at all.

A word about your opponents, well, they are eons away from your vision. They just cannot fathom, the passion and Junoon.

When you fell off that fork lifter yesterday, I wasn’t worried at all. I saw it many times on TV, but I was never worried. I do not know why, but I knew you were safe. I was, only saddened. Sad for you, to have been hurt and sad that you could not complete your address, but hey is that important? I guess you have completed the mission. Then, when you spoke from the hospital, bedridden, it was the best speech you ever made. I think the message was clear, more clear than it could have been. Oh Captain, my Captain, we are with you; lock, stock and barrel.

Get well soon and God Speed.

Baikal MP-442 (Makarov) a very good concealed carry weapon

Baikal MP442

Baikal MP-442 is a small pistol manufactured by Baikal which is a successor of the legendary Makarov PM pistol which has remained the official side arm of Russian and Warsaw Pact countries. The Baikal MP-442 is small in size, light weight, accurate and reliable handgun. It is my preferred choice for concealed carry, because of a number of advantages over other weapons.

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The Maple House, new restaurant in Peshawar


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with The Maple House, nor is this post about marketing their stuff. I visited this eatery and decided to write about it on my blog.

The city of Peshawar never ceases to amaze me. With so many things happening around from bomb blasts, to killings and political wranglings, you suddenly get news of a new eatery springing up in the middle of University Town, Chinar Road to be exact. I just wonder how business is thriving? Well I guess the people are tired and they need a break, from it all. So, we were talking about The Maple House, shall we?

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Have you tried out the Official PTI Android app?


“Just what the doctor ordered”, I say to myself as I install this app on my Andorid phone. Phew! All things Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaf (PTI) on your Android device now. Works with devices running Android 2.2 and later versions. It’s amazing, simply amazing. Please read on for more info.

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Keep yourself informed about elections with the Pakistan Election 2013 Map

election map 2013

Here is a wonderful app that shows the map of Pakistan with various constituencies marked by colored bullets. Not only that, a drop down menu lets you select any National Assembly constituency and see its details, the candidates of major parties, their names and winners of last two elections in that area. If you click on a particular bullet on the map, it will show similar results in a small window. And you can also search area wise, using the drop down menu which shows all the districts of Pakistan. With density filter you can choose to see various stats in graphical form, like area, population and voters. Please click here to access the page.