On making snuff in Peshawar

That wad of tobacco, that gives the men a high, that smells so weird, that looks dark green, that men love, that women hate (mostly), that they put between the teeth and cheek, that tastes uncanny, that costs so cheap, that they make by adding tobacco, oil and lime, that they grind and beat, that is what I want to tell you about today 🙂

I saw this little boy with all his contraption near my house, well sort of his factory for making snuff. He could not have been more than 15 but he is making a living selling snuff. He makes Rs. 350 to 400 a day. He is obviously uneducated, but very openhearted. I bought a wad from him, (hell no I don’t do snuff) for Rs. 10. He refused to be paid. Ameer Khan is a hard working Pakistani. He is a rare example of a people beset by options ranging from making a living be it selling snuff to taking up arms against the state. He is honorable, he is decent, and he is supporting his family. I wish I could do more for the likes of them. At least I can write about him. That, is cool.


Ameer Khan’s contraption for making snuff.


The wad I bought from him.