When Lawyers Attacked a Hospital in Lahore

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Just about a week ago, lawyers attacked a hospital in Lahore, ransacked it, beat the staff that is paramedics and doctors, which resulted in the death of three patients. Sometime back I wrote a post on the Sahiwal incident an incident which shook the country to its foundations and then suddenly nothing happened and the news was buried under rubble. I came to know of this hooliganism through Facebook in the evening the same day. The first thoughts were those of shock and disbelief, as the news set in I browsed the various channels looking for more information. Soon enough exasperation set in, this was followed by a bout of hopelessness, grief and finally regret. I searched on the Internet looking for parallels to this sad and deplorable incident but thankfully found none. For where else do men and women of law take the law in to their hands? Where else do lawyers act like hooligans? Where else is life of a helpless patient who seeks a hospital’s help to address their ill health is lost due to absence or non provision of proper care since the very staff that was required to address their woes had to flee because they were under attack? In a Cardiology hospital? Where all patients are fighting for life and some on their last breaths?

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The first time I saw someone get shot

The year was 1988. I was at that time a student of second year FSc in FG Sir Syed College Rawalpindi. Democracy had been restored just two years ago after the death of President Zia. People’s party was in power and the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had given permission to student political parties to resume their activities. There was PSF (People’s Student Federation), there was MSF (Muslim Students Federation) and there was Jamiyat. Different parties had hold in different colleges. At one place it was PSF and at another MSF and yet another it was the Jamiyat. There wasn’t a day in college that anyone of them didn’t quarrel over something. In plain words it was pure bullshit. But the students mostly loved it, it gave them a chance to stay away from studies by providing cheap pathetic entertainment.

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