My book is going to be published soon :-)

Hello! I just wanted to share the good tidings with all of you.ย  My book titled, “Mudslinging and other short stories” is going to be published soon. Although I have been writing for a couple of years online as well as offline, but I always wanted to try fiction. This is going to be my first ever book. Hope to share good news with you soon. Cheers.

Life in the time of CoronaVirus

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None of us had ever thought or imagined that one day life would come to a standstill, it will force us to lock ourselves up from friends, family and loved ones, it will instill fear in our hearts the likes of which were previously not known, it will discourage social contact, disrupt businesses, close down schools, shatter the stock markets, shut down eating places and force us in to self imposed confinement. Could it be the start of an apocalypse? Is it a sinister plan of some evil mind? Is it some large and grand conspiracy? Thanks to the social media we now get news (both wanted as well as unwanted) from around the globe in almost real time. And when you’re grounded as bad as this, negative news starts hitting you real hard. And so it happened to a lot of us. Self quarantine as it is called places at our disposal time, something which we had started running short of. The daily routine from 9 to 5, well actually from 5 to 9 was taxing, it was tiring, mentally and physically, and there would be days I wanted and dreamed of a break. In some tender moments of life I wished for a recluse, for peace, for confinement perhaps. Lo and behold it was granted albeit in a scary and disturbing way. So now its been a lock-down generally all over the globe as the virus has spread all corners of the globe thanks to unchecked international travel.

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We Will Mind Your Business!!!

Since about two days a series of photos have been circulating on the social media, about a high profile personality and his so called secret marriage to a much younger woman. Someone had the temerity to post their NADRA records, marriage certificate and photos on social media. About two weeks ago a famous media personality was the target when her disrobed photos and videos got leaked somehow, the nation enjoyed every moment of it, the media had a field day. See any Facebook page or every second whatsapp post and you will realize how much we love to interfere in others lives. How much we love to discuss them (people), openly, brazenly, yet the same people talk behind you and me when we are not there. Like it or not we are a nation obsessed with gossip and rumors, be it political or personal in nature. Who is dating who, who is seeing who, who is sleeping with whom? are the subject of our talks and discussions. As if we have nothing better to do, in fact we do not have much to do except for gossip and poking in others matters. There is this young cousin I have who happened to fall in love with a girl and marry her, dag nab it, now he’s the topic of discussion in our small family. Gossip and rumor are our favorite pastimes, that have overtaken our desire to work or do anything productive. You buy a new car and rarely will it be appreciated, in fact most if not all will be jealous. But the most serious of these is invading someone’s private space, asking questions, poking, giving suggestions without being asked, and making someone feel like shit. You got a new dress, instead of getting compliments, you will be bombarded with comments about the color, looks, fashion etc etc. Worst of all is making comments upfront, on seeing someone, about your looks, weight and dress instead of complimenting them. There are specific instructions in our religion about it. It is not considered good anyways, but somehow the habit has plagued our society to the core. Making snide remarks instead of complimenting someone gives the other person a bad feeling and if anything reduces the distance between them. These are simple things if understood could help make society more caring and loved. Somehow the things are lost to us and we are ignorant of these values and so the society as a whole is decaying. I cannot but feel sorry for ourselves and the situation we are in. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The addictive affects of Fortnite

About a year ago I found my kids playing Pubg, (an online game) on their cellphones. After sometime I found that they were neglecting their studies. So we sat down and had a talk. I gave them an option of giving away their cellphones and instead getting a PS4, but only to be used on weekends, up to maximum of 3 hours a day. They readily agreed as PS4 was the next big thing according to them. They had an XBox 360 then in which they had lost all interest. So we went to the game shop and I got them a PS4 with all the shebang attached to it. Continue reading The addictive affects of Fortnite

something about those “Special Days”


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Our Life is normally classified as “good” or “bad” days, depending on how the going is. Good days would mean smooth sailing, getting a raise, meeting a friend, buying new stuff etc etc and bad obviously would mean, a bumpy road. But for me there is a different category as well, something which I realized in life, long ago. It is the “Special Days”. Special Days are the days when I get a chance to help someone, no matter how small it is, but enough to bring a smile on their faces, and mine off course… a few incidents might help in understanding it in a better way…

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