Rangers Shooting and Saddle Club, Karachi


If you want to shoot lead on a lazy Saturday or want to learn horse riding do consider The Rangers Shooting and Saddle Club Karachi which  is located just a kilometer ahead of the Toll Plaza on to the Karachi-Hyderabad (Super) Highway. It is located on a spacious tract of land and has multiple ranges for shooting different weapons.


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A Much Failed Polio Campaign. Alas!


Polio killing

Image Source: www.dawn.com

You will find lots of Fs flying about in this post, apologies in advance for that. This small little piece of news in Dawn got my attention and hence this post. ASI Ali of the Sindh Police was shot today while on duty, his job being to protect the Polio Team administering Polio drops to children in the Banaras Colony (Orangi Town No 4).

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For the Love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)




I really had to wear my thinking cap to write this one piece. It is an issue that has been hurting Muslims and people of other religions (those who realize how bad it is) all over the globe. In writing this I do not in anyway mean to write about why the Charlie Hebdo gang was put to sleep and by whom; and were the killers really those who they say they were or was it someone else as is being said? Well obviously everyone knows why they were killed even if the story is as they say it is. Post Charle Hebdo killings, leaders from as many as 40 countries descended upon France as walked hand in hand with some say up to 3 million people on the streets. That was quite a show of respect and solidarity with the victims. They (the demonstrators) condemned the killings, it was a strong message, one that gave way to reprisal by the same magazine by printing even more cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH). Funny thing is not one of them criticized the cartoonists for what they did. All in the name of freedom of speech!

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Burqa, Bag Aur Bundooq!


women and handguns

Image Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

On Not shooting from the hips!

Should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) own a handgun? Or maybe should I ask why should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) not consider carrying, buying and learning to use a handgun or a firearm? Considering the current law and order situation, the ever present terrorist threat, the daily rape average stats (which keep on climbing), the inability of LEAs to curb crime, the working woman’s woes, eve-teasing, acid throwing, kidnapping, abductions, homicide, honor killings, stove burning cases, muggings in daylight and robberies I think the average Perveen needs to be armed to be able to defend herself, her family and most important her honor should a situation arise instead of just saying “Khuda ki waste mujhe chor do? Ghar mein maa behen nahin hain? Or Please mujhe jaaney do OR even Mein tumhare agay haath jorti hoon”

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How to select a handgun for personal defense

I have been asked this question at least a hundred times and each time I have to repeat the same long answer. People ask me which handgun to buy? Which is the best? Which is not good? And in turn I ask them a couple of questions which further confuses them. Problem is, there’s no best or worst handgun. Off course money matters, you get what you pay for but then out of those handguns available in the market you may not like the one I like to buy or keep for a number of reasons. Handguns are pretty much like clothes, only a little dangerous 🙂 if not handled carefully. So with clothes also everyone has a different taste and choice, some like tight fitting, some like loose, some like fancy, others sober, some like casual some formal. Get the picture? So I am going to make it simple for you understand on how to choose a handgun for personal defense. In the end if you are able to make up your mind, I will sleep a happy man Smile

Shopping Expreience at Jafferjees


Disclaimer: This is a truly (Shopping) inspired post and is in no way a gimmick by me or Jafferjees to promote their business.

This outlet of Jafferjees is located at shout distance from my home. I wanted to buy a gift for a dear friend and settled for a personalized wallet, with his name scribbled in Golden, Silver or even embossed on leather, any way I wanted it. Lo and behold it turned out to be a shopping experience I will never forget. These guys really do know how to serve (or pamper) and hence spoil their customers. I came back really impressed with the quality of stuff and service.

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Sarsilmaz B6 by POF Wah–Handgun Review




Its been a while since I bought a new handgun. So when the opportunity arose, I said a little prayer and got hold of a new Sarsilmaz B6, 9 mm semi-auto pistol, which is going to be produced by Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Wah in collaboration with Sarsilmaz Turkey. The present lot however, has been imported from Turkey with the POF logo stamped on it, along with the words Sarsilmaz. A small review for my readers….



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When truth becomes a lie and lies becomes truth

truth lies

Image source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Ever wonder what happens when truth becomes a lie and lies become truth? Its hard to imagine, or not? Well let me draw an analogy, to make it easy for you to understand. Ever do a head stand? That would be pretty much like it, the whole world would seem upside down to you, and you to them. That pretty much explains it. But there’s a lot more I want to say on this.

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