The story of Seiko Diver’s watch

Seiko Big Boss is a diver’s watch made by the Seiko company. This one is in particular is a good looking all stainless steel watch which works on Kinetic energy. Means hand movements charge a small battery that keeps the watch working. It shows date and time, besides having a rotating bezel for time keeping […]

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The “Softo” effect!

Those, living in Rawalpindi since last 30 years or less might recall a small shop selling Ice Cream in Saddar called as “Softo”. Well the shop and its owner has been there since my teens and is a favorite of any child living in Rawalpindi, including me, that is 🙂 And frankly there’s still a […]

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Do Superheroes really exist?

Image courtesy of vectorolie at Little Ibs is always bombarding me with his innocent questions and at times I find them laughable, sometimes I really have to think hard to answer his questions. Making a small boy understand complex questions is really difficult. Here’s one for example, he told me to get a new […]

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