Book Review: Lost to the world by Shahbaz Taseer

When a reader shared a small post about this book, I knew I had to get it. With the TBR awfully long what would another new book matter? Having heard and read about the Mr. Salman Taseer’s assassination and his son Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping, I was intrigued. The book kept sitting on my bed side table for a good two weeks as I can only read one book at a time. And then one night it caught my attention just as I had finished reading the previous one. Little did I know, I would finish this in three days and hence this review.

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Taliban play Football with severed heads of Pakistani Policmen


Note: The video and content in this post is very graphic and gruesome in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

When I started this Blog I never knew one day I would make a post on a topic as gruesome as this. Someone shared a link with me of a Vimeo in which a defected Talib confesses how he along with his accomplices attacked a Police Check Post in huge numbers, killed policemen and severed their heads. The raiding party then took away the severed heads and played Football with them. To me, as to anyone this is something beyond imagination. The live commentary explains in Urdu how these animals attacked and killed the policemen and then declared them infidels. They Taliban are then shown playing Football with the severed heads. At the end the man says he defected the Taliban because he got a call of conscious. And prays for his forgiveness.

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They died with their boots on….

Nay they didn’t die invain, they made the ultimate sacrifice for their motherland. I was there, I saw them fight, I saw them move, I saw them crawl, I saw them smile, I saw them cry. I saw them all, for I was there. I smiled with them, I wept with them and I joked with them for I was there amongst them. I was, in a way one of them. They came from far and wide, they came tall, they were dashing for they looked the enemy in the eye. They over came fear, they followed orders, they swept the enemy, they were men of courage. Some were tall , some were short, some stocky, some lean, but all imbued with the same spirit, all had the resolve, all were firm. They spoke different languages, they looked different, but their hearts were one. They understood each other. Not one, gave up or gave in. They made the enemy run. They fought without food or water, but they fought with hope. They were sons of brave men, their mothers are proud of them, and their wives, and their sons, and their daughters and we are proud of them.

They are the soldiers of Pakistan.

Dedicated to the men of Pak Army and Frontier Corps who are fighting anti-state elements in Tirah.

Taliban destroy PTCL Exchange in FATA

FATA has six frontier regions and seven agencies. Since the start of global war on terror this region has experienced the worst kind of destruction. While the frontier regions are somewhat developed and civilization prone the opposite is true for agencies which since the time of British have remained somewhat no go areas and impoverished.

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Ehsanullah Ehsan – and the telephone calls from undisclosed locations.

The infamous TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan has been making calls time and again to the Press and Media agencies claiming responsibility for a multitude suicide and other such attacks carried on by the TTP against the innocent Pakistani’s as well as the state of Pakistan. I have been following the news off and on and each time he makes a call from a undisclosed location”. Now what exactly is an “undisclosed location?”

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The Taliban brutality in Pakistan

Pakistan is at odds with the Taliban since last few years. Whatever the causes maybe of this war, but the fact is that its costing Pakistan a lot in terms of lives, damage destruction to property and Government infrastructure. Pakistan Army, Pakistanis and anyone living in Pakistan have paid a heavy price in this war. One could write a book about the causes of this conflict but this post is about the ground realities of the areas terrorized by the Taliban. Wherever they go these so called Taliban commit acts of brutality that were perhaps previously unheard of.

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