Something about Pashto expletives


Pashto expletives

Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to defame or slander race, it is just a few lines written in a lighter mood and are to be taken as such. If you feel offended I apologize for that in advance.

That piece I wrote about Punjabi expletives was by chance, this one is intentional, considering the feedback I have received. I have lived amongst Pathans most of my life and some of my best friends ate Pathans. I know their language “quite well” and as is wont to happen in such cases the expletives and swear words come gratis, and hence I know them very well too Smile  I can tell you guys that Pashto swear words are meant to operate at a different level, quite often depending on the situation, mood and the level of comfort or discomfort the people have amongst them (while using them). There are words that in a friendly jest would be laughed off or completely ignored, then there are words that will target the opponent and will hit very hard and off course then there’s a special colored language that will particularly target the men and it has to be his “derriere”. That I have seen and heard as it is totally unavoidable be it amongst friends or enemies.

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Punjabi Expletives (Un)explained!



The fat one had a very dark complexion, unkepmt hair, wore a dhoti and loose shirt, the tall one had a wheatish skin tone, he was shaved, had a thin moustache and wore relatively clean clothes. I wouldn’t have noticed their clothing or looks, not after having driven 1500 kms in two days from Karachi to Rawalpindi. But it was the last leg of my journey enroute from Multan to Lahore, I was tired, it was hot and I was desperately looking for a good cup of tea. The two gas stations I had stopped were out of tea and electricity, respectively, the two important ingredients is making tea. My pet parrot sat on my shoulder, silent but watching me all this while.

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The great confusion!


If the sight of a car radiator coolant sitting in a refrigerator has you confused, imagine my predicament on finding it in my fridge. The instant reaction was who, why and when? Sure enough the place for this 500 ml tin containing toxic liquid is not a refrigerator at least, it could my garage, some old worn out trunk, my spare parts and tools bag, the store but hey never the fridge. Why then? Darn! that’s when it hit me. As I rewound the happenings of the day…

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On loosing a cellphone, the easy way


A new cellphone is a joy to have, at least till the time you get tired of it, which normally happens within six months. So I decided to change my old Android running gadget for a new Android running gizmo. The choices were plenty in fact a little more than plenty, enough to confuse a grown up man with greying hair. The prices varied form a few thousand to almost many thousand. The specs would confuse NASA, and the looks would entice even the introvert and make him feel like an extrovert, but for a little while. Wallet loaded with cash, credit cards lined up in order and with a cellphone in mind I went to a huge store that specializes in confusing people with its variety of cellphones on display. The eyes were trained for looks, the heart on a looker and the mind on saving some dough. Lo and Behold I settled for a mid category (a term used by the salesgirl) Android that could, she told me, do almost anything!  That alone stirred up my imagination more than anything else ever did!

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Shopping for plants…


If planting a tree is difficult then buying one is not easy either. I was to discover this last  Sunday. Being day off I wanted to read some book but snuggler coaxed me in to taking her for a shopping spree, only to buy some plants. Dillydallying would not work this time, I was assured as she had been wanting to buy plants for quite sometime. So with cash loaded in to my wallet we went to a nursery of plants only to be surprised by the wide variety of vegetation and flora on sale. Before you read any further I must confess, my knowledge of plants is just as scarce or abundant as that of a third grader. The wife however, told me she had been researching on them over the Internet. So I assumed she obviously knew more.

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