Christian Cemetery (Gora Qabristan) Karachi


I found a lot of old graves in the wild growth but preferred not to go there.



See the polythene bags!





Here you can see boys from the local community playing cricket.


A tombstone is being used as a wicket. What a sad spectacle.

As you approach the gate from Korangi road you can see newer graves. The old graves are mostly towards the rear. But off course I also found old graves amongst the newer ones. There is an organization by the name of CARE that is doing some restoration work, or at least trying to do it. I think the idea of turning a graveyard in to a play ground is not very appealing. Some of the things the management can do to improve the cemetery are:

  • Clean the place of polythene bags/garbage.
  • Get rid of the wild growth.
  • Restore old graves with fallen tombstones.
  • Restore inscriptions on the old graves.
  • Prohibit use of cemetery as a playground.
  • Have a water seepage system in place.
  • Stop setting fire to the wild growth and plant grass instead.
  • Make a database of the graves with names and dates and put it online.
  • Plant some plants and trees.

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  1. Great post Afza!. It is sad to see this happening to the cemetery where a lot of my relatives lay buried. Something has to be done at government level. Creating a data base is a great idea, before the older graves are lost forever.

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