11th Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan Show held at Karachi


I am not much of a car buff, but whenever an (outdoorsy) opportunity arises I spare no effort in getting there and having a good time. So this Saturday I got an anonymous text on my cellphone (thanks to SMS Marketing) informing me of the 11th Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan showcasing some fine beauties, I found it hard, very hard to ignore. Free entry, lots of cars, fun stuff, people and a general air of happiness, what else does one need to lighten up a day? So taking my flimsy Point and Shoot off I went to the Forum Mall, near Teen Talwar, in the city of Karachi. The constricted space was filled with cars, motorbikes and more cars. Well with so many people around it gave a literal meaning to the idiom, “rubbing shoulders” with the gentry. It was really nice seeing so many vintage and classic cars all lined up in a place with their owners standing besides them. Enjoy the pics!!! I don’t know much about them cars but the pics are a treat.




Ford Truck!


Red! Color of the day!




A old Merc!


What’s this a Morris Mini?


Morris Minor!



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