The inexplicable “Cellpissloo” effect


Before reading this post please Google the word, “Cellpissloo”. I can assure you it will come empty, save for one odd link pointing to my Blog (that is if I am lucky enough). That’s because the term has been coined by me! And I am seriously considering sending it to the guys at Oxford Dictionary or even Merriam Webster to officially add it to their gargantuan repository of words.

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What are the benefits of 3G/4G netwroks for Pakistani consumers?

3G 4G LTE Pakistan

So Pakistan is going to have 3G and 4G soon. So what? How is it going to affect you and me? Or as they say the average Joe? What is the single or a few big benefits that a common consumer will have from this much talked and discussed technology? This small post will attempt to dispel some big doubts about 3G and 4G/LTE.

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On loosing a cellphone, the easy way


A new cellphone is a joy to have, at least till the time you get tired of it, which normally happens within six months. So I decided to change my old Android running gadget for a new Android running gizmo. The choices were plenty in fact a little more than plenty, enough to confuse a grown up man with greying hair. The prices varied form a few thousand to almost many thousand. The specs would confuse NASA, and the looks would entice even the introvert and make him feel like an extrovert, but for a little while. Wallet loaded with cash, credit cards lined up in order and with a cellphone in mind I went to a huge store that specializes in confusing people with its variety of cellphones on display. The eyes were trained for looks, the heart on a looker and the mind on saving some dough. Lo and Behold I settled for a mid category (a term used by the salesgirl) Android that could, she told me, do almost anything!  That alone stirred up my imagination more than anything else ever did!

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Huawei Ascend G510 Review


I was pretty much satisfied with my Q Mobile A10 and had not planned on getting a new one. But nature has its own ways, so one fine evening inadvertently I left it at the counter of a bakery while paying the cashier. By the time I came back to get it, the brickly thing was gone. And along with it was gone my 4 GB of digital life, contacts and pics. Damn! But then there was just no way to get it back the best I could do was to have it blocked. And that’s just what I did. Next thing, I got new SIMs issued in my name and finally looked for a cellphone. I did not want to spend a lot of money so Huawei Ascend G510 was the logical thing to buy as it would do the job and leave not that big a dent in my pocket.

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10 reasons why you should consider buying a Q Mobile


Image Source: Q Mobile website.

Disclaimer. I have no affiliation with Q Mobile in any ways except that I am using one of their products and this post is not about marketing their stuff. I am what they call a “loyal customer”.

I have been using Android smartphones for a couple of years and now I think I am addicted to them. There’s loads of apps available for free, the features are great, you remain connected anywhere, anytime, there’s maps (online and offline), great camera, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype. Man it’s a world out there. Previously it was HTC or Samsung, but now my choice has shifted to Q Mobile. Here are some reasons why I would prefer Q Mobile smart phones over any other brand.

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